09 September 2008

Company Trip: The Treasure Hunt @ Redang (Answers)

If you guys, have NOT read my first post about the Treasure Hunt, please read it first, before reading the answer. The first post can be found here.

When I designed the Treasure Hunt, I wanted them to do a little exploration of the Redang beach that we were staying on. They needed to walk around to find the answers. So to ensure that they had to travel to the furthers resort from where they were staying, I forced them to visit Redang Reef Resort (Question 1) and to obtain a Flyer.

And to ensure that, not only 1 person was running around taking photos, I made them take some GROUP photos, where all members were required to be in there (Question 8, 9, 10). This actually forced everyone to participate.

And for the bonus Question 10, I had to force them to RUN back to the start point, if they wanted to obtain the bonus points. Only one team, manage to get points for Question 10. And in the end, they were also the winning team. I guess their strategy to run back for the Bonus 20 points were all worth the efford.

Overall the Treasure Hunt was a success. Everyone participate in it. Everybody had great fun running around locating the answers. When I say everyone, it includes even the Boss, who was forced to run along with her team members! Of the 5 teams that participated, everyteam was very spotting and manage to get at least 8 of the 10 questions correct. Not too hard if you asked me, but the key was getting it done quickly!!

The following are the answers for the Treasure Hunt.
  1. Business Card/Flyer/Brochure from Redang Reef Resort (10 Points)
    *To be uploaded soon*
  2. Photo of the Ramly Burger Stand (10 Points)
  3. Photos of Walls Ice Cream Fridge AND Nestle Ice Cream Fridge (10 Points)
  4. Photo of the Batik Shop (10 Points)
  5. Photo of the Banner "International Year of Reef 2008" (10 Points)
  6. Photo of PADI logo OR SDI logo (10 Points)

  7. Photos of BOTH Tattoo Shop (10 Points)
  8. Group photo at "Laguna Redang Resort" sign board (10 Points)
  9. Group photo outside "More More Tea Inn" (20 Points)
  10. Group photo at Redang Pelangi Canteen @ 6:20 time. Photo of clock too!! (20 Points)

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