20 September 2008

Jolly Wolf by Nici

If you asked me to choose one soft toy from Nici that represents me, I would say that it would be Jolly Wolf! This little bugger is the cutest in the Jolly series if you asked me. The one that you are seeing in the photo was specially purchase for one of our Nici fan. My boss had to search for it from Nici Hong Kong and hand carry it back.

So yes, this is probably the only one available in Malaysia. It is way cool, a WOLF in Sheeps clothing.... wah.... tell me another character that would better describe me... hahaha... The little Wolf is so cute, specially with its big wolf ears and big bushy tail...

If you want to collect any soft toys from Nici, I would recommend you get started with the Jolly series. To date, it has over 9 collection that have been produced and sold. That is alot of collections if you asked me. There were a few that can't be found anymore, like the one you see above, but it is the sheep wearing a pullover... that is equally cute. Very rare and hard to find, since it is NO longer produced... thinking about it, maybe I should go and search for one!! Can still be found in our Nici shop... hahaha

PS: This is the dude that bought the Jolly Wolf. Check out his Jolly Mäh collection here.

18 September 2008

Lifesized Ferrari F1 built from Lego @ 1 Utama

This will be a short post. Just wanted you guys to see the life size F1 car that they built out of Lego pieces. It is really cool. I came across this many months ago, and just downloaded the photos from my phone, thus the late post. I really thought it was cool, specially looking at the actual Lego set that it was based on (photo below).

Lego F1 Ferrari 8386 Set

It is a really cool display if you asked me. But it ain't easy building it. Took 14 people and 800 hours to build it... OMG, what were they thinking??!! Not to mentioned the 146k pieces required....

15 September 2008

Ramly Burger @ Tari Cafe, Penang

How many of you have NEVER had a Ramly Burger before? I guess NOT many right? How many of you would say that the Ramly Burger is better than Burger King or McDonalds?

Well this post is dedicated to those who had never had a Ramly Burger before!

Ramly Burger is actually a Malaysian brand. It is a brand that makes burger patties. Normally you can locate a Ramly Burger stall outside 7-11 shops all around KL. These stalls normally start work in the evening and work till like 1am in the morning, targeting people who visits the 7-11 to buy cigarettes or drinks late at night.

Pictured above are the buns and burger patty being cooked on a hot plate. I would like to say that, no 2 burger stall cooks it the same way. Some would add some L & P sauce, while others would put some Maggi Seasoning sauce.

Picture above we can see the burger buns being prepared. Some add BBQ sauce, while some would add mayo. Some put lettuce, while some put cabbage. There is not ONE correct way of cooking, thus making all the different stalls different. Of course, some are better than others, but generally, all of them are unique yet interesting.

Here we have the finished Ramly Burger . We had ordered the special which comes with an egg wrapped around the burger patty. Normally eating the burger is NOT an easy task. Loads of sauce, or very would be oozing out of every possible corner... :p

Pictured here is the Hot Dog special. As you can see, it is a mouth full. You can even see the Egg wrapped around the sausage.

If you have NEVER had a Ramly Burger , please head to a 7-11 tonight and purchase your first Ramly Burger . You'll never regret trying it. And to answer the first few question above, yes I reckon the Ramly Burger beats any McDonalds burger!

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10 September 2008

Free Wifi in Kuching, Malaysia

Kuching International Airport
  • Marrybrown Restaurant
  • Security Key - "0123401234"

Harbour View Hotel
  • Security Key - "80f74c1494"

09 September 2008

Company Trip: The Treasure Hunt @ Redang (Answers)

If you guys, have NOT read my first post about the Treasure Hunt, please read it first, before reading the answer. The first post can be found here.

When I designed the Treasure Hunt, I wanted them to do a little exploration of the Redang beach that we were staying on. They needed to walk around to find the answers. So to ensure that they had to travel to the furthers resort from where they were staying, I forced them to visit Redang Reef Resort (Question 1) and to obtain a Flyer.

And to ensure that, not only 1 person was running around taking photos, I made them take some GROUP photos, where all members were required to be in there (Question 8, 9, 10). This actually forced everyone to participate.

And for the bonus Question 10, I had to force them to RUN back to the start point, if they wanted to obtain the bonus points. Only one team, manage to get points for Question 10. And in the end, they were also the winning team. I guess their strategy to run back for the Bonus 20 points were all worth the efford.

Overall the Treasure Hunt was a success. Everyone participate in it. Everybody had great fun running around locating the answers. When I say everyone, it includes even the Boss, who was forced to run along with her team members! Of the 5 teams that participated, everyteam was very spotting and manage to get at least 8 of the 10 questions correct. Not too hard if you asked me, but the key was getting it done quickly!!

The following are the answers for the Treasure Hunt.
  1. Business Card/Flyer/Brochure from Redang Reef Resort (10 Points)
    *To be uploaded soon*
  2. Photo of the Ramly Burger Stand (10 Points)
  3. Photos of Walls Ice Cream Fridge AND Nestle Ice Cream Fridge (10 Points)
  4. Photo of the Batik Shop (10 Points)
  5. Photo of the Banner "International Year of Reef 2008" (10 Points)
  6. Photo of PADI logo OR SDI logo (10 Points)

  7. Photos of BOTH Tattoo Shop (10 Points)
  8. Group photo at "Laguna Redang Resort" sign board (10 Points)
  9. Group photo outside "More More Tea Inn" (20 Points)
  10. Group photo at Redang Pelangi Canteen @ 6:20 time. Photo of clock too!! (20 Points)

Tan Siak Hiong 70th Birthday - 7 Sept 2008 @ Evergreen Hotel

I was at my uncle's 70th birthday over weekend in Penang. At first I thought it would be a small gathering of family members. Ended up, we had like 10 tables and about a hundred friends. Some relatives came as far as from Melbourne and Sydney to attend this dinner.

My parents

Family members that attended the dinner

Overall, it was a great dinner and gathering for family members. There were some relatives that I had not met for years. I had a great time that night, catching up with the family members.

To view the photos taken that night, please proceed to the web album.

Top 3 reasons to buy a Honda City

When I first came back to Malaysia, I was given a budget to buy a car. From the price range, all that was available to me was the Honda City or the previous Toyota Vios.

In my opinion, the Honda City won hands down. The following are a few reasons why it was better...
  • More spacious interior
  • Bigger boot space
  • Foldable seats, extending from the boot to the cabin
  • Nicer Interior

Everybody also knows that I bought the car for practical reasons... But I cannot deny the fact that the previous Toyota Vios did have a few good points
  • It is a much nicer looking car
  • It seems to have a more powerful and responsive engine
  • a 5 speed gear box, NOT a CVT like the Honda
But after driving the car for 3.5 yers, I would like to give you the top 3 reasons why I really love my Car, and would hard sell it to anyone out there.
  1. Excellent Fuel Consumption
    Recently, since the latest fuel hike, I have been driving like a real "Pussy". Prior to the price hike, I could probably do 500km per tank of fuel. Not consistently, but close to 500kms. But after the recent hike, with my new "Pussy" driving style, I could easily hit 550kms easily, and at times 600km+. Mind you, achieving these millage didn't mean driving on Highway from Penang to KL, travelling at 80km/h. These are my everyday drive to work, to Midvalley places. And when I am on the Highway, I couldn't even get these millage... why?... because, I speed!!! hahaha.. Below are 3 photos of my car hitting 600km+. Mind you, my petrol tank is only a 42 litre tank!! I reckon I am doing about 15kms per litre of fuel... Ohh, and I am driving the VTEC model... I wonder how much can the I-DSL model get?? ...

  2. Spacious Interior
    This car has got a spacious interior. When you ask people about the Honda City, people always that tell me that they hate it, because of the funny shape. It has got a huge center, and a short front and back. Some people said that it looked like a frog or something. But have you sat in the City. It is pretty spacious in there, even with the front seat pushed all the way to the back. Try that in the previous Toyota Vios. Have you seen the new Vios? I reckon the shape is a little like the City, big center with short front and back... hehehe

    Behold, 72 pairs of shoes into the interior of my car!! A feat I thought was impossible to do. My GF, claims that, it is her packing skill, not the spacious interior!!

  3. Huge Boot
    Have you even seen the boot of a Honda City. I reckon I could easily fit 3-4 golf bags in boot alone. Yes I have a 500 liter boot space. That is even bigger than the previous Honda Accord's boot!! Behold the amount of stuff I managed to put into my car...

    Obviously, just bags of clothing in the trunk can't justify the 500 litre space. But trust me, it is one huge ass boot. If it can't fit in a City's boot, it won't fit into any other car's boot! :P
So, if anybody wants to buy a practical car, please go out and get a Honda City. Highly recommended. Hell, if you want to go on a test drive, please do not hesitate to contact me... hahaha. Yes I am a proud owner of a Honda City!

08 September 2008

Lego Sale (Part 2)

If you have NOT read the first Lego Warehouse Sale post, please read here first.

Ok, the next set that I bought was the following set. The Technic Off Road Truck 8273 set. I bought it for about RM100, but today I saw the same set selling for about RM250!! Keke, I bought 2 of these. In fact, the box may seem small, but it sure seems to be full because the box is really heavy. Normally, Lego box are huge, but there are hardly any parts in the box...

The Technic Off Road Truck 8273 set

The following sets, I actually bought 3 units. The Lego Castle Skeleton Tower 7093 set. I was given away to Ah Shir's daugher. One is for my darling, and the last is for me... hopefully can sell to cover my new hobby... hahaha...

My darling actually built Skeleton Tower shortly after. Her mom, and cousin helped her built it. Boy, I have never seen 3 adults enjoy playing with Lego that much. The set looks fantastic, much better than any photos I have seen on the net. You'll have to see the real set to appreciate it.

The Lego Castle Skeleton Tower 7093 set

The next set that I bought was something really unexpected. While at the Warehouse Sale, I talked to some Lego collector, and he recommended this set. The Lego Bionicle Special Edition Boxed #10204 Vezon & Kardas Set. I never really like this series, but the guy convinced my by saying that, the finished item is over a foot tall. He said it looked really nice thus comes highly recommended. We'll see... when I do finally come around to build the item.

The Lego Bionicle Special Edition Boxed #10204 Vezon & Kardas Set

These are the sets that I bought from the Lego Warehouse sale. Please note that I still have the Bulldozer and Star Destroyer not shown in the photo above. And I also acquired at least 5 more sets after this photo was taken... Yes... Eric has gone Lego MAD!!

Lego Sale!!

Yes, I you have noticed, I have been purchasing loads of Lego lately. LOADssss!!

I just went crazy, at the recent Toys R Us KLCC Lego sale. Between my and my darling, we purchased like RM1.5k worth of Lego stuff. Yes yes... it is my fault... I have expensive taste...

In fact, I purchased 3 of the following Bulldozer 8275 Sets. I think there was a pricing error, thus the new super low price. I had already sold one on eBay, and waiting for th sell the 2nd one. Of course I am keeping one of it for myself :) Ohh BTW, my darling bought for me the set as a present, so thanks Darling!

Lego Bulldozer 8275 Set

The next sale I went was the Toys R Us Warehouse sale. Over here, I bought even more Lego toys!! I remembered that, my GF wanted the following Lego boat, but I told her since the discount was so little, "Don't buy... we wait for them to slash!!" Next thing I knew, the unit was sold out... So when I saw it at the Warehouse sale, I just purchased it without hesitating. I can't let it slip out of my fingers again... later darling angry....

Lego Fireboat 7906 set

Of course while I was there, I picked up more sets. My first time purchasing the Exo-Force series. I had previously seen them in the KLCC sale, but someone the item didn't appeal to me. But due to the low price, I purchase some of the units, just to realised that the actual Lego toy looks so much better than the picture on the box. Behold, my Exo-Force sets... Please check my future post for more Exo-Force toys that I purchase off eBay a few days ago!!

Exo-Force 8106 (Aero Booster) , 8100 & 8102 Sets

The next set that I bought was the Lego Star Wars 6211 Imperial Star Destroyer. This is a huge set. Very worth it. I reckon it was on a more than 50% offer. I had one of the only few sets available I reckon there was only like 8 at the sale. I will post more another post solely on the Star Destroyer unit.

I had also purchased a Star Wars AT-ST unit. If you watched the movie, it is the robot where there were fighting and the Ewoks were climbing all over it, and chucking coconuts on it. It is the entry level set. If you wished, you are welcomed to buy for me the AT-ST in a Ultimate Collectors Edition. Check here for details.

Lego Star Wars AT-ST 7657 Set

Ok, I have more purchased, but unable to complete the post today. Read more of it in the following post.