15 September 2008

Ramly Burger @ Tari Cafe, Penang

How many of you have NEVER had a Ramly Burger before? I guess NOT many right? How many of you would say that the Ramly Burger is better than Burger King or McDonalds?

Well this post is dedicated to those who had never had a Ramly Burger before!

Ramly Burger is actually a Malaysian brand. It is a brand that makes burger patties. Normally you can locate a Ramly Burger stall outside 7-11 shops all around KL. These stalls normally start work in the evening and work till like 1am in the morning, targeting people who visits the 7-11 to buy cigarettes or drinks late at night.

Pictured above are the buns and burger patty being cooked on a hot plate. I would like to say that, no 2 burger stall cooks it the same way. Some would add some L & P sauce, while others would put some Maggi Seasoning sauce.

Picture above we can see the burger buns being prepared. Some add BBQ sauce, while some would add mayo. Some put lettuce, while some put cabbage. There is not ONE correct way of cooking, thus making all the different stalls different. Of course, some are better than others, but generally, all of them are unique yet interesting.

Here we have the finished Ramly Burger . We had ordered the special which comes with an egg wrapped around the burger patty. Normally eating the burger is NOT an easy task. Loads of sauce, or very would be oozing out of every possible corner... :p

Pictured here is the Hot Dog special. As you can see, it is a mouth full. You can even see the Egg wrapped around the sausage.

If you have NEVER had a Ramly Burger , please head to a 7-11 tonight and purchase your first Ramly Burger . You'll never regret trying it. And to answer the first few question above, yes I reckon the Ramly Burger beats any McDonalds burger!

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