10 July 2008

Tribute to Tetris

One of my most played games when I was a kid was Tetris. I used to play it on the monochrome Gameboy. I also spend many hours in the Arcade playing the arcade version of Tetris.

Fast forward to 20 years later, and I am still playing Tetris. I am currently playing LOTS of Tetris on my DS. In the evenings, you can see me roaming the internet, in search of victims, defeating these unsuspecting people, helping me increase my Wins as well as Ratings.... muhahahahah

Then again, the internet are filled with Sharks, waiting for Ikan Bilis like me, to swim by for a free kill. There are loads of Pros out there. When I say pro, I am serious about that. These people are a few level higher than the best players you have seen.

Those who wish to Challenge me can add me to your Friend Code. My Tetris DS friend Code is 843551 676313

Does anyone out there know why the game is called Tetris?

Tetra means 4 side, thus every piece in Tetris actually consist of 4 segments. And the creator actually loved Tennis, so combined Tetra and Tennis, and you get Tetris!

04 July 2008

NRC 3rd Place - SMKTC

Congratulation to the boys from SMK Taman Connaught for their 3rd place win at the State levels, beating over 50 teams. If not for their dispute, I am very sure the kids would have won 1st place.

And the winning team is...
  • Daniel Boey
  • Jonathan Lee
  • Calvin Boey

We all know who the true Champions are!!

You can read more about their adventures here.

Ohh did I mentioned, these are the kids that I have been teaching Lego to over the past few months.

02 July 2008

First day at my new 9 to 5 job ...

Well yesterday was my first day at a FULL Time 9 to 5 job. Yes, I have joined the darkside and is no longer self-employed, but an employee.

No more waking up at whatever time I want. No more taking a few days off to go to Penang or Singapore as I wish. No more total freedom... no more "I don't feel like doing anything today" ...

Not only have I joined the 90% of the employees around, my job requires me to work 5.5 days week. Now that really sucks... anyway, no choice, it is part of the job scope, so I will have to slave away.

So why did I accepted the offer? Well, first of all, it was an pretty good offer. I am working as the Marketing/Sales Manager at Win Malaysia Sdn Bhd. We are the sole distributor of Russ and Nici products as well as many other soft (plush toys) and hard gifts (photo frames, mugs, etc).

My job scope includes everything needed to run the place. Basically I am given all the responsibility of what my boss would do. From chairing meetings, to managing staff, to outstation trips to cover our 60+ consignments stores, to travelling overseas to source for products...

Well, it has only been 1 day since I started work. I guess, I would at least need to give myself 3-6 months before I know whether is this the right job for me. As usual, I like the challenge, I like the unknown, I like the scale of their business. It is no more a 1 man show, we have corporate customers like Jusco, Parkson, Isetan, Metrojaya, and other franchise holder like Memory Lane, Lovely Lace and others.

Alright back to work...