09 March 2009

Turtle Laying Eggs at Redang

I went into Redang a few days back. I had to go in on official work. We went to check out the renovation that has been going on with the resort, as well as understand more on how the operations run on the island.

Although I was supposed to be there for work, it was quite a relaxing 3D/2N I was there. I had to setup up their broadband as well as WIFI. I too had to capture photos, and update their website with new photos.

On the 3rd day, at about 5:45AM, uncle woke me up. He pointed from balcony at a little object that seems to be moving across the sand. At that time, it was really dark, way before dawn, but I could make out what it was... A turtle!!!

So we rushed down to get a closer look. Since we didn't want to startle it, we just quietly follow the turtle. I wasn't too sure what she was doing, but hoping to see her lay some eggs :)

Anyway after following the turtle for close to 2 hours plus, she finally settled on a spot to lay her eggs. This was after like loads of people following the poor turtle and blinding her with their bright flash from the cameras. Did you know, every 3-5 steps, the turtle had to stop to catch her breath. I estimated that she came to shore at about 3-4AM and was in search for her spot to lay her eggs since then.

After digging and laying her eggs for almost an hour, she was done. She had laid about 120 eggs this trip. The eggs were carefully collected before she covered up the giant hole she had dug. It was kept by a resort for safe keeping before handing it over to the Marine Park personnel.

Did you know that, many curious people actually eat these turtle eggs? It is like a consider local delicacy...

Anyway I would like to take this opportunity to tell everyone to Say “NO!” to turtle and terrapin eggs. The cause has been started by Prof Chan, a world renowned turtle researcher and conservationist. You can read about her cause here. Why don't you just head straight here to sign her petition and say "NO" to turtle eggs.

OK, back to my turtle event. So the turtle had laid her eggs and was getting ready to head back. She spent close to 20 minutes trying to cover where she had laid her eggs. When she was done, she headed straight to the sea. It was a slow long and tedious walk back. Every couple of steps, the turtle would stop, to catch her breath before moving again.

By about 8:45 the turtle had reached the water and was on her way back to her natural habitat, the sea! Once she reached the shore line, you could see this once, slow and clumsy turtle move swiftly in the water.

Hope to see you again, Ms Turtle!!

03 March 2009

Where in the World is Eric Tan?

It has been about 3 weeks since I relocated to this small east coast town, KT... Kuala Terengganu. I have decided to follow my Darling back to her home town to help run their family owned business.

They run a resort at Redang Island, called Redang Pelangi Resort. Click here for more details.

So, my job includes doing everything in the office from reservation, logistics, purchasing to any and everything possible. I am suppose to learn how to select and purchase fresh fishes from the market.

Anyway, more about my job later....

To those who has never been to this small town...

  • Terengganu is situated in East Coast of West Malaysia.
  • Takes about 5.5-6 hours by Car from KL. Takes about 1 hour by Plane from KL
  • Famous for their Oil Ridges off the Coast of Malaysia.
  • Famous for Turtle laying eggs on the beach ...used to be famous... anyone read in the papers they sighted a turtle recently? No? ... :(
  • Famous for Pulau Redang and Pulau Perhentian
  • Friday is their day off (like our Sunday)