28 August 2008

Hippo Goes Diving... again

PROOF that I went diving over the weekend!! It was the company trip to Redang, and also did snorkeling while I was there. As you knew from my previous Diving post, I am NOT a swimmer. I CANT swim. Little did I realise that, quite a few people cannot swim too.

There were some that could swim very well in swimming pools, but not in the Sea. They claimed that, they feel the fear of having no edge to hold on, or no floor to stand on. Even with a life jacket on, these people just refuse to jump into the Ocean.

One girl was holding on to me for her life... I was like.... "ehhh, I also cannot swim one you know, I cannot save you...". But when you hold their hands and lead them in the water, they feel so safe!! Yeah right, as if just leading you in the water, you can float :) Of course, the most important thing is the Life Jacket. Make sure you wear it correctly!

When I was in Redang, I manage to dive twice. Once was a shore dive. It simple dive, to remind me on what I might have forgotten since I last dived. The 2nd dive was more interesting.... My first Sea dive!!

By the way, I am NOT certified yet, but the Instructor said it was OK to join them. Just as long as I stick close to him. Thanks Ah Shir!! The first Sea dive was kinda of scary. The first thing I had to do is to jump into the water... everything when you do for the first time is SCARY, since you don't know what to expect.

Make sure the BCD is inflated before you jump in. If not, you'll sink like a rock. Once in the water, it was not that bad. Just that, for once, I CANT see the bottom!! Probably 30 meters to the bottom. It was also the Jelly Fish season, so I have been warned!! A few people got stung in the previous dive...

So once we submerge, I could see loads of Jelly Fish swimming around. For the first few minutes, all I was doing was trying to avoid them. Little did I know, one of them snuck up to me and stung my leg. It was a burning sensation and a big pinch. Not as Pain as people tell me. But yah, it was shocking...

In my head, I had a choice, surface and swim back to the boat and end my 5 minutes of dive, or... take it like a man and go on... So I went on... At first I was scared that my leg would cramp up causing me to be NOT able to swim. But after a few minutes, I realised that it wasn't that bad. I would classify the Jelly Fish sting like a burning sensation, like when you get scalded by hot water.

The rest of the dive was interesting. I saw fishes... corals... and more fishes... and yes, I did manage to see a Black Tip Shark. This is my freaking 3rd time seeing this type of shark. There are probably more interesting fishes out there, but because I cannot identify them, I'll just classify them as fishes. I did also manage to see some Clown Fish while I was down there. Of course I know what a Clown fish is, Nemo made it famous....

Amelia and Me

26 August 2008

Company Trip: The Treasure Hunt @ Redang

As the main and only organiser for the Company trip, I guess it would also be my job to ensure that; everyone was well taken off, well fed and had a great time. Of course, in any company trip, we would have to have some Telematch or Games.

Taking the idea from my Darling, I decided to swap at the Telematch to a Treasure Hunt instead.

The following are the questions that I had prepared for the Treasure Hunt.

  1. Business Card/Flyer/Brochure from Redang Reef Resort (10 Points)
  2. Photo of the Ramly Burger Stand (10 Points)
  3. Photos of Walls Ice Cream Fridge AND Nestle Ice Cream Fridge (10 Points)
  4. Photo of the Batik Shop (10 Points)
  5. Photo of the Banner "International Year of Reef 2008" (10 Points)
  6. Photo of PADI logo OR SDI logo (10 Points)
  7. Photos of BOTH Tattoo Shop (10 Points)
  8. Group photo at "Laguna Redang Resort" sign board (10 Points)
  9. Group photo outside "More More Tea Inn" (20 Points)
  10. Group photo at Redang Pelangi Canteen @ x:xx time. Photo of clock too!! (20 Points)
Teams that returnd first, would be awarded bonus placing points. The placing points are as follows
  • First Team in : 30 points
  • Second Team in : 25 points
  • Third Team in : 20 points
  • Fourth Team in : 15 points
  • Fifth Team in : 10 points
Teams were given 1 hour for the whole event.

For Question 10: I had allocated the time of 6:20 PM for them to be back to capture the photo. It was 20 mins into the hunt, and the team had to decide whether to return back to the start point for the 20 bonus points.

I will post the answers as well as the winning team and scores in my next post.

20 August 2008

My New Toy: GPS Unit (Garmin Nuvi 200)

I just received my new Garmin Nuvi 200 GPS unit. It is the entry level unit, but suitable for the most basic use. For those not too good with direction, this unit will help you get out of sticky situation. It may not be the best, but suitable for the most of us mortals.

Since getting the unit, I have been bookmarking all the places that I have been. Adding them as Point of Interests (POI).

In the future, all posts will include GPS coordinates, allowing you to know better where I was, or where to go to locate the food.

Thanks for Mr Khoo for giving me the GPS. :D

04 August 2008

First Month on the JOB

It has been a month since I joined my new company. Waking up early everyday, working hard, as well as learning the ropes is no easy task. Sleep depravation paired up with a stressful environment will ensure that your hair turns white quicker than you wished :p

In the past month, I was in Penang twice! I met almost all our key customers and have been given the opportunity to take over most of the responsibility from my Boss. I have been chairing meetings, organising our Sales meetings. Been trying to motivate them, as well as give them encouragement.

Over the 22-24 August, we would be having a Company Trip to Redang. At least, for 3 days, I would get to relax a little. Of course I would still need to organise the trip as well as do some Team Building or Telematch activities.

Will be travelling back to Penang/Kedah mid month. We have to setup a new Store at Parkson Sungai Petani. So I should be there for about 2 days running some errands.

02 August 2008

Lego Sale! Buy Buy!!

About 3 weeks ago, I visited the newly opened Toy R Us at KLCC. They had loads of Lego items on sale. Some of the items had up to 50% off. For those who collects Lego, anything more than 10% off, is an item that you could consider, as the items generally are never given more than 10% discount.

So I told my darling, about it. To my surprise, she too collects Lego when she was a kid. So, late one evening on a working day, we headed down to KLCC for our Lego buyout!! When we arrived, we went crazy picking up the items. 20%-30% off items were being picked by us. All the 50% off items have sold out over the weekend, so that only leaves us with what is there.

I spotted some items that I believed were priced wronly. I picked up a few hoping to sell them on eBay, and maybe it would subsidise our shopping spree.

That evening itself, we spent over a thousand ringgit buying Lego items!! Of course, the sets that we bought to be resold on ebay was also closed to a thousand already. I had recently sold one of the sets, making a hundred plus. It may not sound much, but it would definately subsidize our new hobby.

So, for the last 3 weeks, I have been visiting every toy department of every departmental stores as well as Toy R Us around. I have been looking for older more unique Lego items. We are not hunting for the Lego Aquaraider series. My GF wants to collect the series and put them in an Aquarium in Redang..... How cute!!

Lego anyone?