02 August 2008

Lego Sale! Buy Buy!!

About 3 weeks ago, I visited the newly opened Toy R Us at KLCC. They had loads of Lego items on sale. Some of the items had up to 50% off. For those who collects Lego, anything more than 10% off, is an item that you could consider, as the items generally are never given more than 10% discount.

So I told my darling, about it. To my surprise, she too collects Lego when she was a kid. So, late one evening on a working day, we headed down to KLCC for our Lego buyout!! When we arrived, we went crazy picking up the items. 20%-30% off items were being picked by us. All the 50% off items have sold out over the weekend, so that only leaves us with what is there.

I spotted some items that I believed were priced wronly. I picked up a few hoping to sell them on eBay, and maybe it would subsidise our shopping spree.

That evening itself, we spent over a thousand ringgit buying Lego items!! Of course, the sets that we bought to be resold on ebay was also closed to a thousand already. I had recently sold one of the sets, making a hundred plus. It may not sound much, but it would definately subsidize our new hobby.

So, for the last 3 weeks, I have been visiting every toy department of every departmental stores as well as Toy R Us around. I have been looking for older more unique Lego items. We are not hunting for the Lego Aquaraider series. My GF wants to collect the series and put them in an Aquarium in Redang..... How cute!!

Lego anyone?

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