24 June 2008

I am officially 3 Decades old

I am officially 30 years old...

The big THREE ZERO...

3 Decades...

3/10 of a Century...

So what have I achieve in the last 30 years? NOTHING...

I guess I will have to work harder for the next 5 years to make up for what I had NOT done yet :)

I had a few gatherings to mark the BIG birthday. I will blogging more about it shortly...

23 June 2008

Genie in a Bottle?

It was my Birthday. Being such a demanding boyfriend, I gave my Darling a list of things that I want, or in her case a list of things that I don't want...

I specifically mentioned to her that, if she would to buy me anything, it had to practical, something that I needed, NOT wanted!! :)

Then I went along and suggested all the expensive presents, that I seriously wanted (please note the word used is NOT needed)
  • a new Camera lens (~4k)
  • a new LCD TV (~2 to 4k) *not that I need it, I don't watch TV to begin with :)
  • a new Flash for my camera (~1.5k)
I could see that I was really stressing my Darling out a few days before my big day... hehe... sorry if I did, but honestly, even if you did not get me ANYTHING, I will still be happy.

I have been living a life of, expect NOTHING... In the event I get SOMETHING, I always treat it as a bonus :p

So back to the topic, my Darling is stressed out... I gave her a list of things that I know is expensive and difficult to purchase. Basically, I didn't want her to buy me anything :p, so I gave her an impossible "Wants List".

As she would normally put it, "My Love is Priceless"... which I totally agree... Could I really sell her love for some Monetary value? So, on my Birthday, my Darling, gave me a Priceless item, a "Genie in a Bottle"... At least that is what she claimed it to be... Hehehe, I told her "ehh, its a Genie in a Vase la".... hehehe just kidding Darling...

According to her, there are 3 Wishes (gifts) in there. Each one is tied to the end of some fishing line. And supposedly in each Wish, she has already written what it was suppose to be... which I have STILL not opened yet...

It is so much fun to guess what is in there. Each Wish has a different length, so she knows exactly what is what. So, what is it? She refuses to even give me a hint...

My guesses includes the following...
  • A gateway for 2? to Bali... Sinpadan Diving Trip?
  • A new 60" HD LCD Screen... again I don't need one, but I reckon it would be way COOL to own one anyway :)
  • Slave for a day?
  • My Camera lens as requested?

You see, the present itself is better than anything anyone could have Wished for... hehe, no Pun intended.

It is truly a priceless gift. It is fun, it is mysterious, it keeps me guessing what is in there. Of course, she told me that, I could at anytime peep what is in there...

But what is the point, once you have opened it, it won't be a surprise anymore. Once I know what is in there, I know that there is NO chance in the world I am getting my 60" LCD...

Why I find it so special is that, I know there is 3 Wishes in there... It could be something, anything... whether tangible or not... it could be something FUN... so what is it?

Well, it has been sitting in my table for 2 weeks now. I constantly discuss with my Darling, what it possibly be... I always hint to her what I think it could be... Always she gives me the *grin*.

Her answer is always "If you want to know, opened it!!"

I guess, its way MORE fun to NOT opened the Wishes. I have decided to as long as I possibly can, keep it that way.

At least this way, I can still hope for my 60" LCD TV, or my 4k Camera Lens. And yes, I love it when my Darling grins at me... every time I start guessing what could possibly be in there...

Thank you Darling, for the most unique and special present ever!

22 June 2008

30th Birthday Dinner at My Elephant

It was suppose to be a Surprise Party. At least that was the plan... But I knew it all along... :p

Throughout the day, I was feeling lazy, and was trying to convince my Darling of changing our dinner plans, but somehow, her excuses keep piling up... hmm... well if there was going to be a Surprise, I better make sure I look "surprised"...

Anyway as we were driving up to the parking lot, I saw Kenneth with his baby girl Miria as well as Julian. OK, the show is over, I don't have to pretend to look surprise anymore... phewwww...

I would like to thank my Darling, for organising for me the Birthday Dinner. I had a really good time. The place we had dinner at was called My Elephant, a Thai restaurant. The ambience was perfect for the occasion. The food was fantastic and not at all expensive. Will blog more about their food in the future posts.

The usual suspects that attended the celebration of turning 3 decades old included all my Melbourne buddies. Friends who I had spent all my university days with. Doing notorious stuff, and an endless list of things only we could laugh about thinking how silly we once were. Thinking it was just yesterday we were still in Melbourne, enjoying our youths, partying away, sleeping in and skipping classes, playing through the night computer games... AHHH those were the days... worry free days...

It seems like just yesterday that I was on my way to Melbourne to study... But 13 years had passed... most of my Melbourne friends (in the pictures) I have known over the last 12 years. And yes, boy did we have a long list of notorious things that we once did...

I would like to Thank everyone who could attend the small gathering. I had a really good time, and really appreciate all those great memories that only my uni friends, my friends, my buddies, could have shared with me. Thanks to Kelvin and Yee Li for their present too.

It was a great 30 years to start with, but I am sure it is only the beginning of the journey.

21 June 2008

Surprise!!! Happy Birthday...

It was a Saturday night. We had just finished dinner with my Parents. GF claims that she had some Melbourne friends who are around town and would like meet up...

So I went along, being a good BF, not complaining... no suspecting anything...

We met at the Carot Cafe at Pavilion.

When we first walked in, I was like, hey that looks like Leong... no way, what a coincidence, Kevin is also around. What is the likely hood that my Darling's friends could meet at the same place...

Then again, that was I first assumed, a few seconds later I realised that it was a surprise Birthday gathering for me!!

Kevin and Kenneth has been my longest buddies. We have known each other for almost 20 years now. We grew up in the same street, Puncak Desa, terrorising the neighbourhood :)

If you want to hear notorious stories, 3 of us has MANY to share. Too many funny stories, only what a 15 year old would do at that time. We too share the days that we were playing Ping Pong, Badminton, Roller Blade, Roller Hockey and Basketball. Just thinking back, it wasn't too long ago we could play and run around for hours and not feel tired. Today... just walking up the stairs makes me tired...

With our busy schedules, all of us find it hard to meet up. But seeing my childhood friends really remind me of the good old days. In a blink of an eye, and 30 years have passed, I wonder what would the journey ahead be.

I would like to Thank every who could attend our small gathering. I would especially like to thank Kevin and Kenneth for their present.

No more surprises OK?... My heart can't take any more surprises :p

13 June 2008

Food Foundry

Food Foundry was recommended by loads of other blogs. My GF and her friends decided to meet up at this place drinks one night. It was a little dificult to locate, as it was situated at the ground floor of a very old flat. Please check the following map, for a better location of the place.

On with the food. Since we had like 8 people, I was able to taste and nibble most of the items on the menu. We started by ordering some Saute mushrooms and some entree prawn dish. Both taste not too bad, but the serving was all too small.

We too had tried the Tom Yum soup, which taste pretty decent. They were pretty generous with the seafood, so its a dish worth ordering. As for main, we tried quite a dish. The menu had mainly Western food, from Steaks to Fish & Chips to Pastas. Overall the pastas were pretty decent.

One of the friend ordered a grilled fish. The grilled fishordered was very ordinary, nothing fantastic. However the mash potatoes were pretty good... but as the serving was small, there werent much to go around. Note to self: Get them to provide more potatoes instead of fish since it taste way better anyway :)

Next I'll review all the pastas we had for the night. One of the friend ordered an olive oil based with seafood and chilli. It was quite good, and one of the better dish for the night.

We had a tomato based seafood spagetthi which was ok. I am not really of a tomato based pasta person, so I can't give any better views than it was "alright". The Mushroom Spagetthi that I ordered was okay. Not too creamy, but a little on the tasteless side of things. A little salt did help it. One of the friends ordered a Clam based pasta. It was quite good, as it was not entirely olive oil or cream based, but more of a stir fried with some clams. It was pretty good as it was not like the rest of the olive oil based (too oily and dry) or the cream based (too rich at times). A simple yet tasty dish.

Overall the food at Food Foundry was NOT fantastic. My expectations was over the top when I arrived as most of the reviews gave it a thumbs up. WRONG!! Overall the ambience of the place was pretty good, given that it was situated under some very old flats. The pricing of the items, was not that expensive, but then again, the dishes was pretty small.

But all those are not important as the food should taste good right? Well, honestly for the pasta that I had, there are better places to visit. So overall I will give this place a 2.5 of 5 stars a very average place.

08 June 2008

Scrabble - My First Bingo!!

So who here plays Scrabble?

I am not really a serious Scrabble player... anybody who knows me would know that I have pretty bad vocabulary let alone spelling skills.

But my brother and my GF... they are serious players...
You know that they are seasoned players when they have memorized all the 2 Character words!!

Anyway it was Sunday evening. I suggested a Scrabble game with my Bro and my GF. A little family bonding wouldn't hurt anyone.

I didn't hope to win, but I knew that my Bro and my GF would have enjoyed the game.

As usual, as an absolute amature I made very simple words with little or no strategy. Always creating opportunity for the next player to score on those "Triple Word Score"...

But yesterday, I made my very first Bingo word. Bingo word means that you use up all 7 character to make a word. So what is so special about a Bingo word? Well, for starters it gives you an additional bonus score of 50 points!

And my very Bingo word, without the help of a dictionary is ..... drum rolls please...


Haha, I am so proud of myself. Trust me, it ain't easy making a Bingo word. And yes, LUCK has everything to do with it...

I think, that Venture word gave me like 75 points, not too bad if you asked me.

The game ended with my GF winning, but all of us did very well. The 3 of us had scores of just above 200 points, which is not too bad...

Come to think of it, if I didnt get the Bingo word, I would only have like 130 points... :(

06 June 2008

DS Fever is all over town...

Today, another 2 people caught the DS fever. My GF's colleague ordered 2 NDS. One for herself, and another for her BF. As she forsees... they would eventually need to have 2 NDS...

Yesterday another friend purchased a DS from Sungai Wang after seeing us constantly playing with our DS. Looks like peer presure is not helping these people... the funniest thing is, all these people are like 20 something, not the fourteen year olds... strange isn't ...

So tonight, I will be compiling a list of TOP MULTIPLAYER games that all DS owners must have

The following TOP 10 Multiplayer games (in my opinion) in no particular order

Tetris DS - 10 Players

Meteos - 4 Players

Mario Kart DS - 8 Players

Big Brain Academy - 8 Players

Mario Party DS - 4 Players

Bomberman Land Touch 2 - 8 Players

Worms Open Warfare 2 - 4 Players

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games - 4 Players

Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 - 4 Players

Super Monkey Ball - 4 Players

04 June 2008

Chai goes Shoes...

Chai Boutique is expanding.

Yes it is!

We have secured the unit next to ours for our expansion plans.

Yes, you heard it here... we will be doing SHOES!! Ladies shoes...

Renovation of the place have already been completed by the last tenant, but we are installing furniture and fittings to cater for the new shoe business.

A name of the Shop have also been selected and we are finalising our Brand and Logo.

Expected opening date?


Will update you guys with photos of the new place when I visit it in about a weeks time.