23 June 2008

Genie in a Bottle?

It was my Birthday. Being such a demanding boyfriend, I gave my Darling a list of things that I want, or in her case a list of things that I don't want...

I specifically mentioned to her that, if she would to buy me anything, it had to practical, something that I needed, NOT wanted!! :)

Then I went along and suggested all the expensive presents, that I seriously wanted (please note the word used is NOT needed)
  • a new Camera lens (~4k)
  • a new LCD TV (~2 to 4k) *not that I need it, I don't watch TV to begin with :)
  • a new Flash for my camera (~1.5k)
I could see that I was really stressing my Darling out a few days before my big day... hehe... sorry if I did, but honestly, even if you did not get me ANYTHING, I will still be happy.

I have been living a life of, expect NOTHING... In the event I get SOMETHING, I always treat it as a bonus :p

So back to the topic, my Darling is stressed out... I gave her a list of things that I know is expensive and difficult to purchase. Basically, I didn't want her to buy me anything :p, so I gave her an impossible "Wants List".

As she would normally put it, "My Love is Priceless"... which I totally agree... Could I really sell her love for some Monetary value? So, on my Birthday, my Darling, gave me a Priceless item, a "Genie in a Bottle"... At least that is what she claimed it to be... Hehehe, I told her "ehh, its a Genie in a Vase la".... hehehe just kidding Darling...

According to her, there are 3 Wishes (gifts) in there. Each one is tied to the end of some fishing line. And supposedly in each Wish, she has already written what it was suppose to be... which I have STILL not opened yet...

It is so much fun to guess what is in there. Each Wish has a different length, so she knows exactly what is what. So, what is it? She refuses to even give me a hint...

My guesses includes the following...
  • A gateway for 2? to Bali... Sinpadan Diving Trip?
  • A new 60" HD LCD Screen... again I don't need one, but I reckon it would be way COOL to own one anyway :)
  • Slave for a day?
  • My Camera lens as requested?

You see, the present itself is better than anything anyone could have Wished for... hehe, no Pun intended.

It is truly a priceless gift. It is fun, it is mysterious, it keeps me guessing what is in there. Of course, she told me that, I could at anytime peep what is in there...

But what is the point, once you have opened it, it won't be a surprise anymore. Once I know what is in there, I know that there is NO chance in the world I am getting my 60" LCD...

Why I find it so special is that, I know there is 3 Wishes in there... It could be something, anything... whether tangible or not... it could be something FUN... so what is it?

Well, it has been sitting in my table for 2 weeks now. I constantly discuss with my Darling, what it possibly be... I always hint to her what I think it could be... Always she gives me the *grin*.

Her answer is always "If you want to know, opened it!!"

I guess, its way MORE fun to NOT opened the Wishes. I have decided to as long as I possibly can, keep it that way.

At least this way, I can still hope for my 60" LCD TV, or my 4k Camera Lens. And yes, I love it when my Darling grins at me... every time I start guessing what could possibly be in there...

Thank you Darling, for the most unique and special present ever!

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