08 June 2008

Scrabble - My First Bingo!!

So who here plays Scrabble?

I am not really a serious Scrabble player... anybody who knows me would know that I have pretty bad vocabulary let alone spelling skills.

But my brother and my GF... they are serious players...
You know that they are seasoned players when they have memorized all the 2 Character words!!

Anyway it was Sunday evening. I suggested a Scrabble game with my Bro and my GF. A little family bonding wouldn't hurt anyone.

I didn't hope to win, but I knew that my Bro and my GF would have enjoyed the game.

As usual, as an absolute amature I made very simple words with little or no strategy. Always creating opportunity for the next player to score on those "Triple Word Score"...

But yesterday, I made my very first Bingo word. Bingo word means that you use up all 7 character to make a word. So what is so special about a Bingo word? Well, for starters it gives you an additional bonus score of 50 points!

And my very Bingo word, without the help of a dictionary is ..... drum rolls please...


Haha, I am so proud of myself. Trust me, it ain't easy making a Bingo word. And yes, LUCK has everything to do with it...

I think, that Venture word gave me like 75 points, not too bad if you asked me.

The game ended with my GF winning, but all of us did very well. The 3 of us had scores of just above 200 points, which is not too bad...

Come to think of it, if I didnt get the Bingo word, I would only have like 130 points... :(

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