28 February 2008

Lego Robotics Workshops @ Building Blocks

Sorry for not updating the site for the last 2 months. Been really busy. Recently acquired a new business, Building Blocks. I will be organising and giving some Lego Robotics Workshops to kids aged 7 to 14 years old. I will be extremely busy till after the March school holidays.

I have also converted a room my office into a Coaching room. The room will fit 4-6 people comfortably. In the future, my Selling Online courses will be held in my new Coaching room.

Lego Robotics Workshops @ Building Blocks

What a month it has been. Busy busy busy. Having a blast eating over the Chinese New Year, constantly out partying and having fun fun fun! But no, it has also been a very hectic month for me. I have just acquired a new business.

I'll be giving Lego Robotics workshops to kids age between 7-14 years old. Last weekend I had my first class, and it was fun event for me. The kids, may be young, but they are really smart. Given the exposure they have with the internet, no wonder kids are growing up so much faster.

I will be organising a School Holiday Workshop in the coming March School Holidays. So I'll be really busy marketing and planning my workshops.

02 February 2008

Mos Burger Anyone?

It's late... I'm bored... so what do you do? Watch some YouTube, it is really addictive. Enjoy...

01 February 2008

Home Sweet Home...

I have been away in Singapore for the past week, visiting a friend who is very sick. Over the last week, I have learnt that in the time of crisis, you will be able to see who are your true friends. You'll be able to learn who will come to you and provide you with the support when you need them the most. The chinese calls these people the "Kui Ren".

I am very proud to say that, in my group of friends, we are like a small family, supporting each other in anyway we can. We may not be a big group, but it sure is a very tight and close group. I am very proud call these peole my close friends. Thank you!

The battle is only half done, and the journey is still long ahead. With the help of friends and family, I am sure you'll battle on.

"On the Road to Recovery"