31 March 2008

G Spot? Does it exist?

I found it!! I finally found the G Spot. Hey, wait a minute, I am referring to the G Spot bar in G Hotel in Penang.... tsk tsk, what were you thinking?

Went there for drinks and listen to some Kwai Mui doing some jazz tunes. Had really nice interior but I was not able to take photos of the inside. It would be prefect if you would like to have a social gathering with friends or book the whole place out for a party!

29 March 2008

A Day Off...

Today is one of the most productive day I have had in months. I have never gotten so much done!! I woke up, lazed around the house, and decided to have lunch with my dad. My mom is currently away in Ipoh, so'll have to be the lunch/dinner buddy.

We drove all the way to Lim Mee Yoke, at Chow Yang to have Prawn Mee. Yes I should have posted a quick food post since I was already there. But no, I had Curry Mee instead. No doubt the Prawn Mee is excellent, but I still prefer the one in TTDI, opposite KFC. A lunch without my mom, means that my dad and I could pig out. We ordered some extra Chow Kuey Teow. A little oily, but whats the point of living, if we don't enjoy what we eat. We also have some famous fried Yeow Char Kwai, which has a stall just outside the shop. Buuuurrpp.....

Eat to Live... or ... Live to Eat?

Next I asked my dad, what shall we do today? Do you want to go home, just to sleep in front of the TV? I said, "Mama is not around, do you want to go to 1U or MV?". He decided that he wanted to get some stuff from Jusco, so we headed to 1U. When we got there, we walked around. Went to the Cats & Dogs show but decided not to enter as there was a RM10 entrance fee. Instead we headed to the Pets World instead. The usual suspects were there, cats, dogs, hamsters. What I like are the new exotic animals like the ferrets and the hedgehogs.

We too spent a long time admiring the sea corals and salt water fishes. The only fish that I could recognise was Nemo :) Yes the little orange white clown fish made famous by a cartoon. The sea corals are beautiful!!

My GF however disagree with me. She believes that corals should be left at the natural habitat and by not purchasing these corals, poachers won't salvage them from the sea to sell. Good point! Looks like no fish tank and Nemo for me :(

Anyway, we just chilled out, and walked around MV before heading to Jusco. My dad needed some socks and clothings. As men, you would know that, when we do go shopping, we normally don't spend too much deciding on what we like. Like it... then buy it... just decide on the size and colour only mah... why so difficult?

Headed home after that, which was already 3 something. Wow so late already, and I have barely started to do anything yet. Nevermind, I surfed the net for a little before taking an afternoon nap. Got up at like 7pm... yawn... what a great day.

Later in the evening, I went to a BBQ dinner at a friends place. Chilled out, had a few burnt chicken wings... ehh, who said BBQ was easy?

It was a great day for me. I have never had a day where I did nothing the whole day. With no worries, and no appointments to keep, I would say that today was one of those great days I haven't had in a long time.

Ohh did I almost forgot... I watched astro till 3... before I slept...

25 March 2008

Digital Camera or Scanner?

Sorry for not writing lately. Have been busy with my stuff. Have like a few part time jobs and like 5 blogs to update. I guess, I am too busy updating my personal blog :P

Ok, so how useful is a scanner? I mean, almost everybody has a Digital Camera to capture photos for their online selling, but is a scanner any good?

Well, it depends on the purpose. Flat items, like prints, photos, designs maybe better captured using a scanner.

The following are a list of possible items you may want to sell online using a scanner
  • Comic Books - Scan the cover
  • Stamps
  • First Day Covers
  • Bank Notes
  • Embroidery Designs - Finished product, not the digital design
As you can see, certainly certain items are best captured using a scanner. The details and higher resolution would re-assure your potential customer that you are serious in trading.

Just imagine how the photos would turn of if you used a digital camera for the four above items.

16 March 2008

Lego Mindstorms - Special Robotic Classes

Behold, I have one of the more talented kids in my class. Today we tried to build a Bluetooth enable remote for the car, but failed to complete due to the shortage of time. It will be completed and posted here shortly.

You can read more details of the car built by the kid at my Lego Robotics blog.

We would also be trying to join the Walker competition organised by NXTLog. You can read more of the challenge at this link.

12 March 2008

Lego Robotics Workshop

Today I had my first Lego Robotics Workshop. I had butterflies in my tummy and didn't get a good nights rest. It was not like I was unprepared, but more of what to expect from the kids. With Andrew being the previous tutor, I had no idea what to expect from the kids and their level of competency in Lego building and programming.

The day started out well, with me getting along fine with the kids. Being the school holidays and under 11 years old, the kids were very playful. I guess I can't blame them, cause I was probably just like them when I was at their age.

The day went along fine. I had to constantly balance between teaching and making it fun and interesting. Spending 7 hours with them was no easy task, but the day ended great. The kids never had a dull moment. They manage to complete all their task on hand and had great fun!

Photos and details of the day can be read at my new Robotics Blog.

10 March 2008

Banned Commercial Ads

The previous Banned commercial ad that I have to remove to make room for new ones!

03 March 2008

Selling Online Course Syllabus

For the past week, I have been working on my Selling Online course syllabus. I have had many revision and have finally settle on the following.

What I would be covering in my course will include only
  • Selling on Auction Style, Forum Based or Personal Website.
  • Tricks on Photography
  • Professional looking yet simple HTML coding tricks
  • Payment methods
  • Logistics and Packing

My course would be a little different from the "Seminar Weekend Workshop" styles. Instead I have opted for a more practical approach. I won't be giving a talk to 20 students in a seminar room. I believe that everyone comes from a different background, with different ideas on selling online. With that many students, I would NOT be able to give the attention required by each. Not to mention, in a class of that size, students would also only listen, and not have much class participation.

My class instead would be small, intended for 4-6 people only. There would be lots of interaction and practical work throughout the workshops. Workshops will be held over 3-4 sessions, where each sessions will end with a given task. Students are required to do market research, marketing planning as well as competitor research as their homework tasks! It will be jam packed with practical things that you would actually use for selling online.

By the time, you have completed your course over the weeks, you would have learnt how to sell online, with real practical task of selling! Each student would have gone through all the steps required to sell. Since it will be held over a few weeks, each student can share any issues they have while trying to sell online.

My classes will not only teach you how to sell online, but guide you through step by step with practical experience, whether it is photographing an item, or web page design. I assure you that, you'll not get the same attention and details in any other classes.