25 March 2008

Digital Camera or Scanner?

Sorry for not writing lately. Have been busy with my stuff. Have like a few part time jobs and like 5 blogs to update. I guess, I am too busy updating my personal blog :P

Ok, so how useful is a scanner? I mean, almost everybody has a Digital Camera to capture photos for their online selling, but is a scanner any good?

Well, it depends on the purpose. Flat items, like prints, photos, designs maybe better captured using a scanner.

The following are a list of possible items you may want to sell online using a scanner
  • Comic Books - Scan the cover
  • Stamps
  • First Day Covers
  • Bank Notes
  • Embroidery Designs - Finished product, not the digital design
As you can see, certainly certain items are best captured using a scanner. The details and higher resolution would re-assure your potential customer that you are serious in trading.

Just imagine how the photos would turn of if you used a digital camera for the four above items.

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