12 March 2008

Lego Robotics Workshop

Today I had my first Lego Robotics Workshop. I had butterflies in my tummy and didn't get a good nights rest. It was not like I was unprepared, but more of what to expect from the kids. With Andrew being the previous tutor, I had no idea what to expect from the kids and their level of competency in Lego building and programming.

The day started out well, with me getting along fine with the kids. Being the school holidays and under 11 years old, the kids were very playful. I guess I can't blame them, cause I was probably just like them when I was at their age.

The day went along fine. I had to constantly balance between teaching and making it fun and interesting. Spending 7 hours with them was no easy task, but the day ended great. The kids never had a dull moment. They manage to complete all their task on hand and had great fun!

Photos and details of the day can be read at my new Robotics Blog.

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