13 June 2008

Food Foundry

Food Foundry was recommended by loads of other blogs. My GF and her friends decided to meet up at this place drinks one night. It was a little dificult to locate, as it was situated at the ground floor of a very old flat. Please check the following map, for a better location of the place.

On with the food. Since we had like 8 people, I was able to taste and nibble most of the items on the menu. We started by ordering some Saute mushrooms and some entree prawn dish. Both taste not too bad, but the serving was all too small.

We too had tried the Tom Yum soup, which taste pretty decent. They were pretty generous with the seafood, so its a dish worth ordering. As for main, we tried quite a dish. The menu had mainly Western food, from Steaks to Fish & Chips to Pastas. Overall the pastas were pretty decent.

One of the friend ordered a grilled fish. The grilled fishordered was very ordinary, nothing fantastic. However the mash potatoes were pretty good... but as the serving was small, there werent much to go around. Note to self: Get them to provide more potatoes instead of fish since it taste way better anyway :)

Next I'll review all the pastas we had for the night. One of the friend ordered an olive oil based with seafood and chilli. It was quite good, and one of the better dish for the night.

We had a tomato based seafood spagetthi which was ok. I am not really of a tomato based pasta person, so I can't give any better views than it was "alright". The Mushroom Spagetthi that I ordered was okay. Not too creamy, but a little on the tasteless side of things. A little salt did help it. One of the friends ordered a Clam based pasta. It was quite good, as it was not entirely olive oil or cream based, but more of a stir fried with some clams. It was pretty good as it was not like the rest of the olive oil based (too oily and dry) or the cream based (too rich at times). A simple yet tasty dish.

Overall the food at Food Foundry was NOT fantastic. My expectations was over the top when I arrived as most of the reviews gave it a thumbs up. WRONG!! Overall the ambience of the place was pretty good, given that it was situated under some very old flats. The pricing of the items, was not that expensive, but then again, the dishes was pretty small.

But all those are not important as the food should taste good right? Well, honestly for the pasta that I had, there are better places to visit. So overall I will give this place a 2.5 of 5 stars a very average place.