26 August 2008

Company Trip: The Treasure Hunt @ Redang

As the main and only organiser for the Company trip, I guess it would also be my job to ensure that; everyone was well taken off, well fed and had a great time. Of course, in any company trip, we would have to have some Telematch or Games.

Taking the idea from my Darling, I decided to swap at the Telematch to a Treasure Hunt instead.

The following are the questions that I had prepared for the Treasure Hunt.

  1. Business Card/Flyer/Brochure from Redang Reef Resort (10 Points)
  2. Photo of the Ramly Burger Stand (10 Points)
  3. Photos of Walls Ice Cream Fridge AND Nestle Ice Cream Fridge (10 Points)
  4. Photo of the Batik Shop (10 Points)
  5. Photo of the Banner "International Year of Reef 2008" (10 Points)
  6. Photo of PADI logo OR SDI logo (10 Points)
  7. Photos of BOTH Tattoo Shop (10 Points)
  8. Group photo at "Laguna Redang Resort" sign board (10 Points)
  9. Group photo outside "More More Tea Inn" (20 Points)
  10. Group photo at Redang Pelangi Canteen @ x:xx time. Photo of clock too!! (20 Points)
Teams that returnd first, would be awarded bonus placing points. The placing points are as follows
  • First Team in : 30 points
  • Second Team in : 25 points
  • Third Team in : 20 points
  • Fourth Team in : 15 points
  • Fifth Team in : 10 points
Teams were given 1 hour for the whole event.

For Question 10: I had allocated the time of 6:20 PM for them to be back to capture the photo. It was 20 mins into the hunt, and the team had to decide whether to return back to the start point for the 20 bonus points.

I will post the answers as well as the winning team and scores in my next post.

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