03 March 2009

Where in the World is Eric Tan?

It has been about 3 weeks since I relocated to this small east coast town, KT... Kuala Terengganu. I have decided to follow my Darling back to her home town to help run their family owned business.

They run a resort at Redang Island, called Redang Pelangi Resort. Click here for more details.

So, my job includes doing everything in the office from reservation, logistics, purchasing to any and everything possible. I am suppose to learn how to select and purchase fresh fishes from the market.

Anyway, more about my job later....

To those who has never been to this small town...

  • Terengganu is situated in East Coast of West Malaysia.
  • Takes about 5.5-6 hours by Car from KL. Takes about 1 hour by Plane from KL
  • Famous for their Oil Ridges off the Coast of Malaysia.
  • Famous for Turtle laying eggs on the beach ...used to be famous... anyone read in the papers they sighted a turtle recently? No? ... :(
  • Famous for Pulau Redang and Pulau Perhentian
  • Friday is their day off (like our Sunday)


raja said...

Nice place! Looking forward to chilling out there sometime ;-)

Iris "The Chubby" Baggins said...

Hey there, its me Doreen....wonder if you remembered. Met you at the Toyr'us warehouse sales....and met you at a seminar at the microsoft office......Can't believe you left mad KL and paradise(ing) in Redang.....

Anyway....just dropping by to say hello only la.....

One day perhaps I can stop by your resort and stay for a couple of days!!