08 December 2008

China (25 - 27 Oct) - Part 2

Alright, this is my 4 day overseas. Spent 4 days in HK, and now to Guong Zhou for another fair. When we first arrived at one corner of the convention center, I took the photo above. It looks pretty harmless from the side.

As we walked passed it from the outside, I could see that it had very high ceiling. And all every side of the convention center was glass. As if it was a giant aquariam!! If I remember correction, it has 4 floors for every hall.

Ok, so after registration, we headed in. It had metal detectors and x-ray machines. Same rules applied here, no water or liquid into the building. The queue was long, and we spent at least 10 mins waiting to get in.

After we got in, we got our directory map and headed to visit our existing supplier.... Then is when I realised how big the place is.... Forget what I told you about the HK fair. This is anohter class of its own!!

This photo was taken on the mid point of the first two hall I was at. I just walked through Hall A. The half was Hall B. The photo above showed Hall C, which was across the street.

Yes Hall C, is not small. It's huge!! But wait till I show you the pictures of Hall A!! As you can see from both the photos, Hall C has got 3 sections!

The photo above shows Hall B, which consist of another 3 sections. And trust me, it really looks as big as you think it is!

Alright, this is the main section, Hall A, which consist of 5 sections. Yes combining Hall A, B and C, it is seriously a big area. Can't remember the floor area of the convention center, but when I do find out, I will let you guys know.

Just imagine spending 2 whole days here, walking through every aisle, looking at every company that had something to exhibit. You know what?... while I was there, we didn't even walkthrough 30% of the area. We had just visited the companies that were related to what we sold. And that took up the 2 whole days I was there.

This is a photo of the Car Park, where our bus was waiting for us. Yes it looks more like a bus station, like the one we had in Pudu!! But this is only 1 of the many Car Park!! Just imagine how many people were visiting the week long event?!!

A close up of one of the section.

Did you know while we were at this Expo, there was another one running just next to the Convention hall we were at. Yes, there is another buidling next to Hall C, which had another expo running. It showcased different companies and different items, but hell, there was so many expos running at the same time, in the same area.

I was overwhelmed. The place is huge. There were thousands of companies showcasing their products. Most of these companies only targets US/European customers as I noticed non of their items would be suitable for the Asian market. Then again, with the ever strong USD and Euros, who wouldn't want to target them?

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