09 September 2008

Top 3 reasons to buy a Honda City

When I first came back to Malaysia, I was given a budget to buy a car. From the price range, all that was available to me was the Honda City or the previous Toyota Vios.

In my opinion, the Honda City won hands down. The following are a few reasons why it was better...
  • More spacious interior
  • Bigger boot space
  • Foldable seats, extending from the boot to the cabin
  • Nicer Interior

Everybody also knows that I bought the car for practical reasons... But I cannot deny the fact that the previous Toyota Vios did have a few good points
  • It is a much nicer looking car
  • It seems to have a more powerful and responsive engine
  • a 5 speed gear box, NOT a CVT like the Honda
But after driving the car for 3.5 yers, I would like to give you the top 3 reasons why I really love my Car, and would hard sell it to anyone out there.
  1. Excellent Fuel Consumption
    Recently, since the latest fuel hike, I have been driving like a real "Pussy". Prior to the price hike, I could probably do 500km per tank of fuel. Not consistently, but close to 500kms. But after the recent hike, with my new "Pussy" driving style, I could easily hit 550kms easily, and at times 600km+. Mind you, achieving these millage didn't mean driving on Highway from Penang to KL, travelling at 80km/h. These are my everyday drive to work, to Midvalley places. And when I am on the Highway, I couldn't even get these millage... why?... because, I speed!!! hahaha.. Below are 3 photos of my car hitting 600km+. Mind you, my petrol tank is only a 42 litre tank!! I reckon I am doing about 15kms per litre of fuel... Ohh, and I am driving the VTEC model... I wonder how much can the I-DSL model get?? ...

  2. Spacious Interior
    This car has got a spacious interior. When you ask people about the Honda City, people always that tell me that they hate it, because of the funny shape. It has got a huge center, and a short front and back. Some people said that it looked like a frog or something. But have you sat in the City. It is pretty spacious in there, even with the front seat pushed all the way to the back. Try that in the previous Toyota Vios. Have you seen the new Vios? I reckon the shape is a little like the City, big center with short front and back... hehehe

    Behold, 72 pairs of shoes into the interior of my car!! A feat I thought was impossible to do. My GF, claims that, it is her packing skill, not the spacious interior!!

  3. Huge Boot
    Have you even seen the boot of a Honda City. I reckon I could easily fit 3-4 golf bags in boot alone. Yes I have a 500 liter boot space. That is even bigger than the previous Honda Accord's boot!! Behold the amount of stuff I managed to put into my car...

    Obviously, just bags of clothing in the trunk can't justify the 500 litre space. But trust me, it is one huge ass boot. If it can't fit in a City's boot, it won't fit into any other car's boot! :P
So, if anybody wants to buy a practical car, please go out and get a Honda City. Highly recommended. Hell, if you want to go on a test drive, please do not hesitate to contact me... hahaha. Yes I am a proud owner of a Honda City!

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