08 September 2008

Lego Sale!!

Yes, I you have noticed, I have been purchasing loads of Lego lately. LOADssss!!

I just went crazy, at the recent Toys R Us KLCC Lego sale. Between my and my darling, we purchased like RM1.5k worth of Lego stuff. Yes yes... it is my fault... I have expensive taste...

In fact, I purchased 3 of the following Bulldozer 8275 Sets. I think there was a pricing error, thus the new super low price. I had already sold one on eBay, and waiting for th sell the 2nd one. Of course I am keeping one of it for myself :) Ohh BTW, my darling bought for me the set as a present, so thanks Darling!

Lego Bulldozer 8275 Set

The next sale I went was the Toys R Us Warehouse sale. Over here, I bought even more Lego toys!! I remembered that, my GF wanted the following Lego boat, but I told her since the discount was so little, "Don't buy... we wait for them to slash!!" Next thing I knew, the unit was sold out... So when I saw it at the Warehouse sale, I just purchased it without hesitating. I can't let it slip out of my fingers again... later darling angry....

Lego Fireboat 7906 set

Of course while I was there, I picked up more sets. My first time purchasing the Exo-Force series. I had previously seen them in the KLCC sale, but someone the item didn't appeal to me. But due to the low price, I purchase some of the units, just to realised that the actual Lego toy looks so much better than the picture on the box. Behold, my Exo-Force sets... Please check my future post for more Exo-Force toys that I purchase off eBay a few days ago!!

Exo-Force 8106 (Aero Booster) , 8100 & 8102 Sets

The next set that I bought was the Lego Star Wars 6211 Imperial Star Destroyer. This is a huge set. Very worth it. I reckon it was on a more than 50% offer. I had one of the only few sets available I reckon there was only like 8 at the sale. I will post more another post solely on the Star Destroyer unit.

I had also purchased a Star Wars AT-ST unit. If you watched the movie, it is the robot where there were fighting and the Ewoks were climbing all over it, and chucking coconuts on it. It is the entry level set. If you wished, you are welcomed to buy for me the AT-ST in a Ultimate Collectors Edition. Check here for details.

Lego Star Wars AT-ST 7657 Set

Ok, I have more purchased, but unable to complete the post today. Read more of it in the following post.

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