20 September 2008

Jolly Wolf by Nici

If you asked me to choose one soft toy from Nici that represents me, I would say that it would be Jolly Wolf! This little bugger is the cutest in the Jolly series if you asked me. The one that you are seeing in the photo was specially purchase for one of our Nici fan. My boss had to search for it from Nici Hong Kong and hand carry it back.

So yes, this is probably the only one available in Malaysia. It is way cool, a WOLF in Sheeps clothing.... wah.... tell me another character that would better describe me... hahaha... The little Wolf is so cute, specially with its big wolf ears and big bushy tail...

If you want to collect any soft toys from Nici, I would recommend you get started with the Jolly series. To date, it has over 9 collection that have been produced and sold. That is alot of collections if you asked me. There were a few that can't be found anymore, like the one you see above, but it is the sheep wearing a pullover... that is equally cute. Very rare and hard to find, since it is NO longer produced... thinking about it, maybe I should go and search for one!! Can still be found in our Nici shop... hahaha

PS: This is the dude that bought the Jolly Wolf. Check out his Jolly Mäh collection here.

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Nici said...

Nici Wolf is so cute! I agree he's a great place to start a new Nici collection, but my personal favourite will always be the Nici Honey Bear