27 January 2008

Hokkien Mee: Singapore Style

Have you guys eaten Hokkien Mee before?

Yes we have the KL Hokkien Mee which is the black noddles, or the Penang Hokkien Mee, which is commonly known as the Prawn Mee here in KL...

So what will be the Singapore Hokkien Mee be liked?

Well, think of it as a Dry style Prawn Mee... get the idea?

Well, I am sorry for not capturing any photos for this article. I was too caught up with dinner, that I totally forgot to capture a photo of the item. Promise to get a photo on my next trip down.

The Famous Singapore Hokkien Mee is situated in a food court called "Food Republic" in a building called Wisma Atria along Orchard Road. Wisma Atria is actually next to Takashimaya.

From the street level, there is an escalator that takes you up to the food court, which is at level 3 or 4. Once up there, you'll have to walk around to locate your Famous Singapore Hokkien Mee. You can't missed it, as it is the ONLY stall with a long queue, of at least 10 people queuing.
Check the google map link here...

Everywhere you walk in the food court, you'll see people eating it...

How can I describe how it taste like... hmmm...

Well think of it like the Penang Hokkien Mee. Instead of the yellow noddles, they have used a similar smooth and thinner noddles, a little like spaghetti. It is still prawn based, so it will have strong Prawn flavours. Instead of having soup in it, it is has gravy.

Think of it as, it started off with the Prawn based soup, but they simmer it long enough until it becomes a gravy. Think of all the flavours being thicken into a gravy instead of Soup!

It is the most interesting Hokkien Mee I have tasted to date. The texture of the noodles are much better than all those yellow noodles and it has a very strong and powerful flavor. A must try for the food Critics out there!

I personally enjoyed it, and would give it a 5 of 5 Star!!

Hmm... you reckon it will start appearing around Kuala Lumpur?

26 January 2008

Checklist: Passport, Cash & Road Tax!!

It is Friday night, we decided to have a road trip down to Singapore for the weekend. I told my friends, lets take the Toyota Wish instead of 2 cars. We could all chit-chat and chill out in one car instead.

Being the good guy, I told them I will pick everyone up. I started my Journey at about 7pm on a Friday evening... TRAFFIC JAM everywhere!!!

I picked up my GF at TTDI, before heading to Tropicana to pick Kelvin up. Then to Kenneth's place in Desa Park City to pick up Natalie and the last stop, Valencia for Julian and Kellee...

After 2 long hours of driving, finally everyone have been picked up, and so we headed down to Singapore...

It was a great ride down. We were speeding in hope to reach Singapore before midnight. In fact, we did make good time on the road.

When we arrived at the checkpoint, we had to insert the "Autopass" card at the Singapore checkpoint. It is something that is used for Tolls and Parking, very similar to what we called the "TouchNGo" card.

The machine notified us that, the road tax have expired. Nothing new, it happened the last time I was down in another car. They just need a person to verify that you had a new road tax since you last visited Singapore...

So we parked the car at the side, all of us chit-chatting... then Jul when out of the car to check the road tax. He came back and said with a blur look and said ...

"I think its expired la".

"Sure or not? Go check it again!"

"Ya wor... it said Dec 2007 wor"...

SHeeTz.... could it really have expired and not renewed? Opppsss... hmmm... maybe the Police officer will miss the 07?

Come on, we are in Singapore... who will miss it? Anyway, we were told that we will not be allowed to enter Singapore. We had a police office escort a few of us into Singapore waiting for a pickup, while the rest of us, had to drive and park the car somewhere in Johor, a "Cowboy" high crime rate town...

It was Kelvin, me and my darling off to a friends place in Johor to park the car. I heard so much horror story in the last 30 minutes, it sends a shiver down my spine...

As we were traveling, we discussed that our ordeal is far from over. We may be stopped by police when we are returning back to KL on Sunday...

As we were talking... I saw some blue flashing lights in front with loads of cars queuing up at a road block. There were at least 5 other cars pulled over... F$#K... double whammy on the same night?

"You gotto be kidding"

Then Kelvin mentioned "Whatever can go wrong will go wrong, and at the worst possible time, in the worst possible way" which I knew was Murphy's Law...

I was like, damn the cops, end of the year, doing their usual rounds, catching those fools without road tax.... damn.. I am the FOOL tonight!!

After a little commotion in the car, and couldn't decided whether to re-distribute the wealth or not... we pulled up next to the cops. We opened the passenger window and played it cool....

Loads of Smiles from the 3 of us.... *Smile smile* *Cooooool*

"Jalan" the cops said...

You gotto be kidding, is he BLIND?

We headed off, laughing our heads off, wondering how lucky we are that night. We parked our car, before being picked up by Julian and gang in the Honda Odyssey.

We finally arrived at the accommodation at 4am... what we have planned to arrive at 12am, we did at 4am... What an adventure the last 4 hours have been... :D

23 January 2008

Live life to the Fullest...

Recently one of my friends become seriously ill.

I guess in life, nothing is certain.

One day we may be on top of the world, the next we could be really vulnerable.

Remember to live a balance life.

Appreciate what you already have. As you may feel, there are so many rich people out there with things you wished to own; there are also as many poor people in the other corner of the world, wishing they had the basic necessity that we take for granted, like clean water, ample food, air con and a car!

Remember to spend time with your family and friends.

We hope and pray that you'll get better soon.

Miracles do happen to those who believe in them...

21 January 2008

Busy Busy Busy...

Sorry for not updating my blog recently. Been really busy last couple of weeks.
There is so much I want to do this year...

I am going to hold an class for my friends explaining about how I sell stuff online, whether it is on eBay or on lowyat.net. May even open it to public. Anyone got an afternoon to listen to me tell my stories? :)

Recently I have also acquired a Lego business. We'll be having Lego classes for kids, age around 7-12 years old. Interested? I reckon even my adult friends would love to attend. Check out the following link for more details. Help me market it ok? Thanks. www.buildingblocks.com.my

I have also recently started a project job with the distributor of Russ and Nici products. Will be working on a part-time basis with them. So I will spends like 2-3 days a week with them, handling marketing and e-commerce for them. If you need any of those stuff, let me know and I'll try to get for you at a special price :P

Busy busy busy...

12 January 2008

Using the Advance Search!

Today we will discuss about the "Advance Search" function of eBay. It will be the MOST used tool you'll ever use, while selling on eBay.

In today's example, we would like to do research on a mobile phone, say the Sony Ericsson K800i. I have picked this older model phone, as to limit the number of items found , yet have it specific enough to get enough hits. In today's example, we would like to know about the Phone K800i, and NOT the accessories associated with it, like the hands free kit or batteries.

First you would need to click on the Advance Search link found on any of the main eBay pages.

Next, please key in the search criteria as "Sony Ericsson K800i", and don't forget to check the "Completed Listings Only" box. You'll realised that the first search will return heaps of items with similar keywords. Since we only want the mobile phone and not the accessories, we'll have to fine tune our search by using the "Narrow your Search" from the left pane. Please select the "Cell Phone" option.

Now we have found only 145 items, which seems about right. After looking through the items, we'll realize that not all the found items are mobile phones. Still some accessories or defective phones can be found in the completed listings. What we are interested are the Green sold prices. From the list, we could easily gauge the average selling price (ASP)!

By using the Advance Search you'll be able to do your market research on what item could be sold on eBay and its average price. No point selling something, if the average selling price is below your cost price!

Good Luck.

08 January 2008

The Real Killer - Bacardi 151

How much alcohol can you take before you go down?

Many people I know, brag about how much they can drink... 10 shots, 1/2 bottle, 1 bottle... come on... is that all you guys can drink?

Guns Don't Kill People, Bacardi 151 DO!!

So what is so special about the Bacardi 151? From the picture, it just looks like some cat's piss... Maybe it does, and it sure taste like one... haha...

OK, so why have a post, just bragging about the 151, when nobody on this side of the hemisphere have even seen, or better still taste it. It is not like we can walk into 7-11 to pick one up.

The Bacardi 151 is something that should NOT be taken lightly. It has 75.5% alcohol content. NO you didn't see it wrongly, it is that potent!!

Bacardi 151 is normally used in mixers, but because of the high alcohol content, you'll probably get more kick out of it by having shots. Most people I know, would get tipsy after 2-3 shots. I have seen some of my friends do CRAZY stuff after having one too many of the 151 shots.

To those who have NOT tasted the 151, I could only describe it as "alcohol". You know those stuff you use to clean and sterilize, it smells just like that!! It tastes and smells like alcohol, and when it goes down your throat, it burns too...

Free Selling Online Classes

I have been selling online for 3 years now... wow, what a journey it has been. About more a year ago I decided to do this as a Full Time job. The transition wasn't an easy one... About 6 months ago, I took even a bigger step, by getting an office and hiring a part-time staff.

Nothing comes easy, and sacrifices were made. Some may call it a learning experience...

Anyway, in the many years that I have been selling online, many of my close friends have always wondered how I could profit it, and now, doing it as a full time job...

I have had those small stories over dinner on how I do it, and for the more curious, spending hours explaining the concept of selling online... I soon realised that, I have been giving small classes to close friends on how to sell online, and decided to hold a class for my friends instead.

Easier if I could gather all my friends, and run through once, then to constanly teach them the concept of selling online.

So I will be organising a Free Selling Online classes, over a 2 day period. Each class should take about 3 hours. I have also decided to convert the meeting room into a class, and I reckon that I could fit about 8 people in there.

I welcome those who are interested to register their interest. As the class is small, only a few could be selected. It will be picked on random, giving everybody an equal chance to attend the class.

Good Luck!

07 January 2008

A Great Start to the New Year

First Post this year... What a ride it has been for the last two weeks.

I just got back from Penang, from James & Yen's wedding just last week. Will post some photos from my Trip to Penang. And yes, I do also have some updated Chai Boutique photos to post.

Haven't manage to start my other Food Blog yet, but I have collected loads of material waiting to be posted. I guess I will post them here and move them over to the new blog next time

Too many things have been happening in the last 2 weeks. Got another Job offer, to do a Project, which I have accepted. It is on part-time basis, so I'll still be free on most days.

Will also be starting a new Lego Workshop for kids. Will keep you guys updated on the Lego Workshop in future posts.

Last of all, I have recently met someone special, thus me also MIA and paktor paktor.

Will try my very best to keep this blog up to date. When I started, I was afraid of NOT having enough material to write... I guess I was wrong, I have loads to write, but no time to pen them down.

05 January 2008

Happy New Year and 2008 Roadmap

I am sorry for not posting any new information for the last 6 weeks. I had a new personal blog where I blog about my daily stuff (more exciting) as well as interesting food articles. I guess I got a little carried with the new blog till I left you guys behind...

Anyway, I had promised some of my close friends that I would organise a day where I would show them and teach them the basics on Selling online... I have put it off for too long, and would be organising a Free Class; and probably invite my fellow readers to fill up the rest of the class.

They may even be the possibility of organising advance selling classes, if the demand picks up!!

04 January 2008

Char Koay Teow @ Lorong Selamat, Penang

I am sure everyone knows the famous Char Koay Teow at Lorong Selamat. The one where you'll have to hold empty plates when you order, stand behind at least 5 people and queue for at least 20 minutes. The one where the lady wears a goggles and Croc sandles when she cooks.

Lorong Selamat Char Koay Teow has recently move to their own shop. Previously they cook off a push cart outside a Kopitiam. Now, they have moved to their own shop, about 2 doors away from the old spot at Kafe Heng Huat. They still cook off their push cart but you'll have plenty of room to seat and no more queues. You don't have to queue anymore since they move to the new place; but doesn't mean that you don't have to wait!

Who said Penang food is cheap? The Koay Teow here ain't cheap, $RM5.50 for a standard Koay Teow with egg, or $RM7.50 if you wish to have the Special, where it has extra prawns. The prawns provided in the standard one ain't small, as you can see from the photos, but if you love your prawns, get the special instead!

The Lorong Selamat Koay Teow is one of the Best Koay Teow around. You'll not regret trying it, trust me. Time after time, whenever I am Penang, we would always visit this place. Previously we had to queue up and wait 20 mins, but your wait is over since they moved to a new place. Now you can sit in the comfort of the shop while waiting for you food.

Chai Boutique - A Month After

It has been a little over a month since Chai Boutique was opened in Penang. There still isn't an official opening yet, as we have yet to decide on a nice date. We'll probably have a full blown opening ceremony after Chinese New Year. Below are more updated photos of the place. It looks and feels very cosy now, compared to when we stared in December.

When you first walk through the glass front door, you'll be greeted by 2 sexy gorgeous silver mannequin dressed in our Chai Dresses.

Right after the 2 mannequin, you'll come to our first Hall, where most of the clothing are displayed. In the photo, you see the cashier counter. I really like the antique table; it looks even better in real life.

The photo above shows the dresses on display at Chai Boutique. I believe that the left portion displays more formal dresses, suitable for dinners or even weddings.

On the right side, we have a rack of more casual tops or dresses. These are for your day to day or working clothes.

These photos shows the items that were sent for minor alterations or adjustments and waited to be collected. Customers may choose to let Chai organise the alterations on their behalf, and return to pick up the clothing at a later date.

This is our second hall. It has a seating area with comfy sofas for customers to chill out, or to read some of the latest fashion magazine while talking about the weather. We have a fridge filled with the usual soft drinks as well as water for the healtier few. Hot Coffee or Tea could also be organised on request.

This is the toilet are at the back of the Chai Boutique. It is all new, since we renovated it from the original place. Trust me, you wouldn't want to imagine how it originally looked like. Adeline has taken great efford to make the place cosy by adding potted plants and flowers.

This is our fitting room area. Not pictured is a very big 7 foot full length mirror, on the left side of the fitting hall. What you can't see is the curtains used for the fitting room. Really nice silver embroidred cloth with a layer of see-through chiffon on the outside. Nice!

In the same area, we have some shoes and accesories on display. There are also some belts on display.

03 January 2008

James & Yen's Wedding 3-4 Jan 2008

I was up in Penang again this week to attend James Saw's wedding. Since it was set on a Thursday and Friday; those who are self-employed naturally had to attend the full event.

We drove up to Penang in Kenneth's new Honda Odyssey. Kenneth, Anna, Moh Yen and me started the journey late Wednesday evening. We had to detour to Tanjung Malim, where Moh Yen had some business discussion with his customers. By the time we got to Penang, it was almost midnight already.

Early the next day, all the Heng Tais gathered at James place. We had to go to Sungai Petani to pick his wife. SP is in Kedah, or about 30kms from the bridge. Anyway, we got there in no time.

So what did the Chi Muis have installed for us today? More biscuits topped with wasabi? Some cut chilli padis? Hmmm...

The ladies started their games with some clothes pegs. They attached the pegs to the guys face... seems simple enough right? NOOOO.... after they have attached it, they ripped it off, all at one go... oOOooOOUCHhhhh!!

What could they have prepared for us? These girls seems a little nasty!! Anyway, they got a stick out, and asked us to Limbo rock under it, while eating some grapes... being one of the smallest guy around, they sent their representative... ME!!

How hard can it be right? Limbo rock under a stick, about 2 feet high... I have never been so wrong before in my life. I am as stiff as a stick, and could not even bend low enough to get under the stick, not to mention trying to hop under it. Anyway, after a few failed attempts, loads of laughter and a few fells, I managed to just cheat and crawl under it... phheewww.. some Heng Tai I was :p

The girls insisted that the Groom, too had to limbo under it... Being a tall person, it was pretty hard for him. On his first attempt, he fell... So when he tried the 2nd time, all the Heng Tais supported his back, while he moved under the stick... what are the Brothers for? :D

OK, so what was next? Negotiation for the door opening... How much did they want? They insisted on $99,999. Hmm, after a quick move, James decided to give his most prized possession, his super modified Subaru... He inserted the key into a red packet and slide it under the door. The girls, saw the tip of the packet and instantly tugged on it... within seconds the packet ripped as the keys was a little too big for under the door... The girls got a little disappointed... we insisted that they opened the door, so we could give them the packet... hehehe... and maybe PUSHING our way in when the door was opened :p

We managed to convinced the girls to open the door, but promised not to push our way in. They had the packet, saw the keys, and knew that it was a priceless gift, something that James would cherish the most... NO, no deal!!! They wanted cash, saying that there were 20 girls and the only currency they accepted is $$$

James had prepared many red packets before the event. He gathered and counted 20 packets, added a few more just in case and handed it to the girls guarding the door on the outside. They quickly ripped the first packet, checked the value, and gave the Signal... it is all good, open up....

PHhhhewwww... was that all? No killer food? Spicy mustard buns? Thanks!! Our job was done, we picked the beautiful bride... another job well done!