08 January 2008

The Real Killer - Bacardi 151

How much alcohol can you take before you go down?

Many people I know, brag about how much they can drink... 10 shots, 1/2 bottle, 1 bottle... come on... is that all you guys can drink?

Guns Don't Kill People, Bacardi 151 DO!!

So what is so special about the Bacardi 151? From the picture, it just looks like some cat's piss... Maybe it does, and it sure taste like one... haha...

OK, so why have a post, just bragging about the 151, when nobody on this side of the hemisphere have even seen, or better still taste it. It is not like we can walk into 7-11 to pick one up.

The Bacardi 151 is something that should NOT be taken lightly. It has 75.5% alcohol content. NO you didn't see it wrongly, it is that potent!!

Bacardi 151 is normally used in mixers, but because of the high alcohol content, you'll probably get more kick out of it by having shots. Most people I know, would get tipsy after 2-3 shots. I have seen some of my friends do CRAZY stuff after having one too many of the 151 shots.

To those who have NOT tasted the 151, I could only describe it as "alcohol". You know those stuff you use to clean and sterilize, it smells just like that!! It tastes and smells like alcohol, and when it goes down your throat, it burns too...

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