03 January 2008

James & Yen's Wedding 3-4 Jan 2008

I was up in Penang again this week to attend James Saw's wedding. Since it was set on a Thursday and Friday; those who are self-employed naturally had to attend the full event.

We drove up to Penang in Kenneth's new Honda Odyssey. Kenneth, Anna, Moh Yen and me started the journey late Wednesday evening. We had to detour to Tanjung Malim, where Moh Yen had some business discussion with his customers. By the time we got to Penang, it was almost midnight already.

Early the next day, all the Heng Tais gathered at James place. We had to go to Sungai Petani to pick his wife. SP is in Kedah, or about 30kms from the bridge. Anyway, we got there in no time.

So what did the Chi Muis have installed for us today? More biscuits topped with wasabi? Some cut chilli padis? Hmmm...

The ladies started their games with some clothes pegs. They attached the pegs to the guys face... seems simple enough right? NOOOO.... after they have attached it, they ripped it off, all at one go... oOOooOOUCHhhhh!!

What could they have prepared for us? These girls seems a little nasty!! Anyway, they got a stick out, and asked us to Limbo rock under it, while eating some grapes... being one of the smallest guy around, they sent their representative... ME!!

How hard can it be right? Limbo rock under a stick, about 2 feet high... I have never been so wrong before in my life. I am as stiff as a stick, and could not even bend low enough to get under the stick, not to mention trying to hop under it. Anyway, after a few failed attempts, loads of laughter and a few fells, I managed to just cheat and crawl under it... phheewww.. some Heng Tai I was :p

The girls insisted that the Groom, too had to limbo under it... Being a tall person, it was pretty hard for him. On his first attempt, he fell... So when he tried the 2nd time, all the Heng Tais supported his back, while he moved under the stick... what are the Brothers for? :D

OK, so what was next? Negotiation for the door opening... How much did they want? They insisted on $99,999. Hmm, after a quick move, James decided to give his most prized possession, his super modified Subaru... He inserted the key into a red packet and slide it under the door. The girls, saw the tip of the packet and instantly tugged on it... within seconds the packet ripped as the keys was a little too big for under the door... The girls got a little disappointed... we insisted that they opened the door, so we could give them the packet... hehehe... and maybe PUSHING our way in when the door was opened :p

We managed to convinced the girls to open the door, but promised not to push our way in. They had the packet, saw the keys, and knew that it was a priceless gift, something that James would cherish the most... NO, no deal!!! They wanted cash, saying that there were 20 girls and the only currency they accepted is $$$

James had prepared many red packets before the event. He gathered and counted 20 packets, added a few more just in case and handed it to the girls guarding the door on the outside. They quickly ripped the first packet, checked the value, and gave the Signal... it is all good, open up....

PHhhhewwww... was that all? No killer food? Spicy mustard buns? Thanks!! Our job was done, we picked the beautiful bride... another job well done!

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