04 January 2008

Chai Boutique - A Month After

It has been a little over a month since Chai Boutique was opened in Penang. There still isn't an official opening yet, as we have yet to decide on a nice date. We'll probably have a full blown opening ceremony after Chinese New Year. Below are more updated photos of the place. It looks and feels very cosy now, compared to when we stared in December.

When you first walk through the glass front door, you'll be greeted by 2 sexy gorgeous silver mannequin dressed in our Chai Dresses.

Right after the 2 mannequin, you'll come to our first Hall, where most of the clothing are displayed. In the photo, you see the cashier counter. I really like the antique table; it looks even better in real life.

The photo above shows the dresses on display at Chai Boutique. I believe that the left portion displays more formal dresses, suitable for dinners or even weddings.

On the right side, we have a rack of more casual tops or dresses. These are for your day to day or working clothes.

These photos shows the items that were sent for minor alterations or adjustments and waited to be collected. Customers may choose to let Chai organise the alterations on their behalf, and return to pick up the clothing at a later date.

This is our second hall. It has a seating area with comfy sofas for customers to chill out, or to read some of the latest fashion magazine while talking about the weather. We have a fridge filled with the usual soft drinks as well as water for the healtier few. Hot Coffee or Tea could also be organised on request.

This is the toilet are at the back of the Chai Boutique. It is all new, since we renovated it from the original place. Trust me, you wouldn't want to imagine how it originally looked like. Adeline has taken great efford to make the place cosy by adding potted plants and flowers.

This is our fitting room area. Not pictured is a very big 7 foot full length mirror, on the left side of the fitting hall. What you can't see is the curtains used for the fitting room. Really nice silver embroidred cloth with a layer of see-through chiffon on the outside. Nice!

In the same area, we have some shoes and accesories on display. There are also some belts on display.

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