08 January 2008

Free Selling Online Classes

I have been selling online for 3 years now... wow, what a journey it has been. About more a year ago I decided to do this as a Full Time job. The transition wasn't an easy one... About 6 months ago, I took even a bigger step, by getting an office and hiring a part-time staff.

Nothing comes easy, and sacrifices were made. Some may call it a learning experience...

Anyway, in the many years that I have been selling online, many of my close friends have always wondered how I could profit it, and now, doing it as a full time job...

I have had those small stories over dinner on how I do it, and for the more curious, spending hours explaining the concept of selling online... I soon realised that, I have been giving small classes to close friends on how to sell online, and decided to hold a class for my friends instead.

Easier if I could gather all my friends, and run through once, then to constanly teach them the concept of selling online.

So I will be organising a Free Selling Online classes, over a 2 day period. Each class should take about 3 hours. I have also decided to convert the meeting room into a class, and I reckon that I could fit about 8 people in there.

I welcome those who are interested to register their interest. As the class is small, only a few could be selected. It will be picked on random, giving everybody an equal chance to attend the class.

Good Luck!

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