22 November 2007

Withdrawing Paypal Funds via Credit Card

Withdrawing to Credit Card, Debit Card or Prepaid Card
The funds that I withdrew to my Visa credit card came through. I withdrew on the 17 Nov and the funds came in yesterday. About 5 days in between. The rates that the local bank had converted for me is at about 2.9934 (RM to 1 AUD) which is a very decent rate. The rate is almost the market rate, as stated as x-rates.com. Overall, it it was a painless process and would be recommended for people withdrawing minimal funds from Paypal.

  • Ease of withdrawal as all Malaysian Paypal members would have a card with the system
  • Quick and painless. Straight to your credit card. Able to withdraw Cash via ATM or offset your CC bills!
  • Max withdrawal limit per day of $500 USD
  • Flat fee of $5 USD, which is 1%
With the ability to withdraw your Paypal funds to your credit card, anyone can now sell internationally on eBay. Perfect for those starting out. A little troublesome if you have huge funds coming in, or if you are selling high priced items.

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