28 November 2007

Penang 27th Nov - 3rd Dec

The drive up to Penang was tiring. The journey took a set back when I stopped my car to pump some air into the tires and the car couldn't start after that. Battery problem I reckon. Luckily I was at the Shell Station at the Tapah stop when it died. Call up the PLUS people, and they soon came to my rescue.

My car was jump started and I was on my way. I made very sure not to stop the car again. Yes that means, no more toilet breaks! I soon arrived in Penang, shortly after 2pm. Work commenced immediately. No rest for the lazy!!

We ran a few errands, purchasing some last minute items for the new retail shop. Tried to open a new Maybank Current account, but they required so much paper work... needed an introducer... Come on, you'll be making money from us wor...

Anyway, we stopped by the retail shop. Everything looks well. The upstairs is almost complete. All the upstairs require is the installation of the air con, lights and carpets. Of course it needs a BIG clean too!! Very dusty.

As for the downstairs, they were completing the painting when we were there. The toilet had some renovation error, and hopefully will be fixed within the next day or so. The lights and air con will be installed today. Will be spending the whole day of today cleaning up the new place. Very very dusty due to the renovations.

Will try to capture some photos of the new retail shop. Let see what the days brings. I am sure my day is jam packed again!

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