29 November 2007

Penang 29th

Thursday morning... The contractor promised that everything would be done today. The only major pending items was the toilet. It was still in a major mess the night before.

Thankfully the toilet looked great when we walked in. All renovations completed. Just more cleaning to do!

Furniture were being moved in. Sofa, coffee table, stools, tables and chairs came in today. So did the fridge and other electrical stuff, like the fan and water boiler.

I spent the afternoon moving all the woman's clothing from my business partners home the retail shop. I had to move racks and racks of clothing. It took quite a few trips before it was completed.

Spent the evening just cleaning up the place, and organising the shop. Unpack stuff from the boxes, move things around. Wipe the tables... you know, just like moving to a new home

We worked till quite late evening, but had to return home early as we had to attend a Bachelor and Hen's night. Wait for the next post... really exciting stuff planned for them both!! :p

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