20 November 2007

Application Checklist for Selling on eBay

I am sorry if you find my more recent posts a little more advance than the usual. Originally I planned to write about all the basic stuff on how to setup Paypal or eBay accounts, product selection, selling and packaging.
Due to the shortage of time, I have decided not to follow such a structured plan, but instead write articles that I am currently exercising at work. This way, I would NOT lose any details. Imagine coming back to write this same article in 3 months time, I am sure many details would be lost.

Today I will be migrating one of my working PC to a newer one. I would be migrating some data from Turbo Lister as well as other data. I will create a checklist and a process flow which would make the migrating an easy task. I would also have a todo checklist to ensure that all future migration would also be a walk in the park.

Applications Required for Selling on eBay
  • Web Browser - Mozilla Firefox* or Microsoft Internet Explorer
  • eBay Listing Application - Turbo Lister*
  • Photo Editing Software - Google's Picasa* and/or Photoscape*
  • Web Page Editor - Microsoft Frontpage or its equivalent
  • Spreadsheets - Microsoft Excel or its equivalent
  • Word Processor - Microsoft Word or its equivalent
* Essential items. Free applications. Highly recommended.

To be more prepared, please have the following items ready on CDs (or External Hard Drive), in the event you need your system to be up and running fast!
  • CD-RW with the following applications downloaded
    • Mozilla Firefox
    • Turbo Lister
    • Picasa
    • Photoscape
    • Openoffice - Microsoft Office's free equivalent
    • Data Files backed up from Turbo Lister (weekly)
    • Photographs used for eBay backed up (weekly)
    • Emails backed up (weekly)
  • Microsfoft Office CD
  • Microsoft Operating System CD (XP or Vista)

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You write very well.