19 November 2007

Opening Speech

I have been reading other people's blog for a long time now. I realised that, in this modern age, where everybody is busy, the only way to still keep in touch with your friends is to read their blogs. Of course it took me a very long time to actually start blogging myself. As usual, why should I blog, if I would just stop after 2 weeks...

After many many weeks of contemplating, I have decided join the band wagon and start blogging. It won't be all dramatic and all too personal. I have decided that my blog, would include the following few topics that all of us can relate to
  • Food
  • Travels
  • Friends
  • Fun and Games
  • Digital Photography Tips
  • Silly and Stupid Situations
  • On a Serious Note
Now that I have the recipe for success, I only hope that I could put in the time and efford to post at least 3 times a week. So let's go!!

1 comment:

li lian said...

Welcome! Welcome! You take really nice pics so I look forward to viewing more of them on your blog.