16 November 2007

Checklist - Selling Internationally with eBay

Checklist for Selling Internationally on eBay
  • Credit, Debit or Prepaid Card
  • An email address used for registration on eBay
  • An email address used for registration on Paypal (may be the same as the above email)
That is it!!

Previously we would also need to apply for an US, UK, Australia or Singapore bank account to withdraw money from Paypal. Currently you will be able to transfer money into your Credit Card, or Debit Card straight from Paypal.

Credit, Debit or Prepaid Card
This is the most important thing that you'll need to start selling on eBay. My recommendation is to use a Prepaid Card. You'll have 2 choices for Prepaid Cards here in Malaysia. Both are readily available. The easiest is to rock up to 7-11 and purchase one.

Your options for Prepaid Cards

  • AmBank NextG Mastercard
  • Eon Bank MOL FREEDOM Mastercard
A few good points for using a prepaid card is for security reasons. In any event that there is any issues, or stolen CC numbers, the max they can ever withdraw is the amount you load into your card. In regardless, you should always practice safe security measures!!

Email AccountsMy recommendation is to used of those free email accounts like Gmail, Yahoo Mail or Hotmail. My personal recommendation is to use Gmail. A few key points that I have chosen Gmail over the rest are as follows
  • IMAP support
    • All your email will be centrally stored on the server. You are merely syncing your local mail client (eg. Outlook) with the master copy on the server, unlike POP services which downloads the mail. All your mails will be synced across all the mail client you use, whether it is your home computer, laptop or any other computer. It is perfect if there are more than one person running the eBay business. Even all the sent mail will be synced across all the mail client. Isn't that just cool!!
  • All sent mail are stored
    • In the event that you choose not to use the IMAP service and decide to go with the POP service, it would be good to know that, all your sent mail will be stored on the Gmail server. This is perfect when you are on the move, and would need to quickly check your mail using a web base client. "Hey, didn't I send the mail from my Outlook the other day..... damn the sent mail would not be shown on the web base client..." WRONG!! All mails sent via your gmail account would be stored.
I would personally recommend that you use 2 different email address to apply for your eBay and Paypal account. It is good to know that, you'll have all your day to day eBay emails going to one of the account, while the 2nd one would be use solely for Paypal. Please use two different password for both email accounts. This is for security purposes!!

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