29 May 2008

What's your Colour?

This is the funny thing. Over the weekend when we ordered our DS, the question always pops up...

What colour DS you want?

Everybody has their preferred coloured. Not like it has any gaming advantage or any performance gain, but the colour is purely for cosmetic purposes. At least that is what I thought.

My GF is a big fan of the Crismson Black, while I am a fan of the Cobalt Black... damn... then again, my Crystal White, is fine, probably a little tarnished from my extensive use.

I realised that everybody got a colour, something that the other guy doesn't have. Well I guess, it is to easily differentiate between the different units, since we have so many lying around the house.

Julian got the Crimson Black, which is like super SEXY!

Cobalt Black

Crimson Black

After getting their DS, everybody had gotten their own accessories. Some had a Clear Protective Casing, while others had a Leather Style Pouch.

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