27 May 2008

Nintendo DS - Have you DSed lately?

Nintendo DS (DS) fever has just strucked town. Over the weekend, I had helped my friends purchase 6 units of DS. Yes, no KIDDING, its SIX units!!

For those who have got no idea what a DS is, please read the following article on the DS an DS lite at wikipedia.

I am sure, you have seen some of your friends carrying it around and playing with it. It is similar to the PSP, but it is a little smaller. The games made for the DS is a little more kiddy and simple. The graphics aint fantastic, but it has a touch screen. The game play using the touch screen, creates a whole new opportunity of gameplay.

So why so many units? Well it started with me playing with my DS. My GF hijacked it when she went to India & Singapore. In that two weeks, she has grown to the DS. Playing loads of games in there, including Zelda the Phantom Hourglass.

I offered to get her a DS on her birthday, but she swore that we'll be able to share a DS between the 2 of us... yeah right... not since we got the game Professor Layton and the Curious Village.

A 2nd hand DS was recently put up for sale by a friend, so I purchased it for my GF. It was quite a bargain, and not to mention that the condition was good.

So now, in the house where my GF stayed, we had like 4 DS. The cousins (which I will refer to the Kids) are not exactly 12 year olds. They are college students... more like gamers.

Anyway, 2 units were ordered for them, while another one was purchased for a friends daughter (she requested for it!) and for a cousin's birthday over the weekend. Ever since the young cousin got his DS, it has been the hottest item between the younger cousins.

And then out of the blue, Julian called me, asking me to help him get a DS. After a few minutes, I managed to convince him to get another one for Kellee... so that they won't have to fight over it... :)

I received and delivered the units to Julian taking up the total units to 6 units purchased over the weekend.

Just in the house, with the Kids, between the 5 of us, we have 6 DS!!

So when are we going to have a DS party? I know Julian and Kellee has one?

Have you got one too? Lets DS then!!!

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