23 October 2008

Hong Kong (20 - 24 Oct) - Part 1

I woke up extra early today. Had to reach Sentral before 7am to check in, before catching the KLIA express to the airport. First time checking in from Sentral Station. The queue was short, and it was quick. Right after the check in, we caught the KLIA express to KLIA airport. The ride was smooth and quick all the way to the airport! Duhhh... its a train, of coure there isn't any traffic.

Once we arrived at KLIA, it we didn't need to check in anymore, so we were free to roam around the airport. As usual, I took out my Laptop to serve the net. In KLIA, free WIFI is provided throughout the airport.

The flight to HK wasn't that long, just a little over 4 hours. Did you know that, this is the first time I flew out SEA since I got back from Australia 3.5 years ago? The food as usual, wasn't fantastic, come on, it is the airline food. But as a consolation prize, they gave me a Mini Magnum Ice cream!! Haha, like a little boy, I had my ice cream!

OK, we got to HK. First time to the new Airport. It was BIG... really big... We caught the train from the Airport directly into the City. The ride was sweet, having a look at the country side. HK is a port city, seeing their port on the way to the city really showed the SIZED of their Ports. HUGE.... really big, with like endless Containers being moved about.

The 2nd and 3rd day was spent at the Mega Show Part 1. It is held at the HK Convention & Exhibition Centre. It was a huge expo, with people coming from all over the world to see and source for suppliers. We have suppliers from China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Vietnam and other countries.

There are so many things to see that, if you were to collect a phamplet from each booth, you would probably need a fork lift to carry all the stuff you get. Far out, there are so many suppliers that they had to break the expo into TWO parts!! It is broken up by category, so I won't be attending Part 2, which happens next week.

My boss told me that, the expo is not as full as it used to be. Looks like times are really heading to tougher times... All we did over the 2 days is to visit all her current suppliers. Spend most of our times, building relationship with the suppliers. Some of these people, we have been dealing for over 10 years.

Did you know that, things purchased at HUGE quantity are really cheap? Some of the items were quoted in CENTS... cents!!!! I saw so many interesting things that, I wouldn't dare to list them here. But, if you really wanted to start a retail business, visiting one of these expos will give you heap of ideas what to open.

I have seen so many designer clocks and mirrors that, I reckon I could open just a shop selling solely Wall Clocks or Mirrors!! Anyone wants to open one with me?

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