15 October 2007

Why do people sell online?

Whoever: So Eric, what do you do for a living?
Eric: I sell stuff online...
Whoever: Online? Serious arr? Don't play la....

Those are the exact type of comments that I constantly get from people that I meet. People wonder whether would it be possible to make a living out off net.....

There is more than just selling for money. Many people do it for other reasons.

Most common reasons for selling online:
  • As a main or secondary income source
    • Most common reason. MONEY!! Who wants more money?! No arguments on that right?
  • To supplement their hobby
    • A comic collector may have to sell some of his comics to make more room for his growing collection as well as supplement his very expensive hobby.
  • To remove unwanted or used items
    • Many people sell their used technological items like computer parts, mobile phones or PDA as they upgrade to the latest toys. Who wants a 2 year mobile phone? Nobody right? Sell it while it still have some value.
  • As an excuse to buy more stuff
    • Many people believe that, by clearing their wardrobe, they are allowed to buy more clothes, the perfect excuse for someone who already have got 80 pairs of shoes :p

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